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1 Courtney

I feel that Courtney is a Greta character. She did change though. Like her facial features in All Stars looked different and in season 1 she wasn't very loud. In season 2 she really was determined to win. She isn't sneaky. She doesn't throw challenges. She doesn't play people like Heather did to Beth, Lindsay, and Sierra.
Courtney was at her best in season 3 showing us her teamwork side. She also showed us in episode 14 her angry side when Tyler spilled the beans about Duncan and Gwen kissing. In season 5 we got a new Courtney.

Since Heather and Courtney are the "mean girls", and Heather already won a season, I'm sure Courtney will find some sneaky way to win as well. Go princess!

Courtney will forever be the best Total Drama character. I hope she wins a season for once, she deserves it more than anybody else does.

Courtney is the best character and is part of the two best couples to ever brace TD, scotteney and Duncney! Her Gwen and Bridge make the best group of friends, but only if Gwen sticks to Trent and Duncan sticks to Courtney. She did not deserve her horrid break up with Duncan in TDWT. So basically Duncan goes to trying his best to win her over, while she plays hard to get, to cheating on her with her best friend! So pretty much as soon as he actually gets her he cheats! With Gwen! he and Gwen were not a good couple, just AAARg! What was even worst after he and Gwen broke up he went back to being obsessed with her, why because obviously he doesn't care about the feelings of the girls he dates! TDAS was defiantly her season and I felt that so was TDA! I felt that after Duncan cheated she completely lost all her respect, motivation, dignity and pride, which caused her personality change and very competitive attitude! Plus there are way better Duncney fanfics than Gwuncan, You do You don't ...more

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2 Lindsay

Lindsay should have won total drama action. It was supposed to be her season. Then Courtney had to jump in (gag)

She has made it to the merge 3 times, but never made it to the final 5. Shouldn't she win soon? - Turkeyasylum

I think its time to have another girl to win rather than Heather and I think Lindsay deserves it

Lindsay has to win! she's awesome! In addition, she was supposed to win in TDA but they decided on Beth for whatever reason

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3 Noah

Noah is by far the best character! I relate to him for whatever reason and his melancholy personality is so hilarious. I think he's one of the strongest competitors and he could have won had Alejandro been eliminated earlier on in the third season. I think he deserves a lot more credit than he gets.

Seriously who likes Noah the uncool sarcastic kid I'm just waiting for the dislikes to pour in like his votes when he got the dock of shame HAH LOSER!

The dude has had amazing character improvement.


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4 Cody

I think cody deserves to win because a season because I think he was cheated out of winning last time

I could so see Cody winning and Celebrating by going to comic con or something geeky! He's so cute though.

I haven't even followed this series for years and I'm STILL bummed about the end of World Tour! - higgsboson2142

Cody should've won world tour, then all stars would've been good or maybe not

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5 Dawn

She should team up with um, aliens to save the contestants in balloons going to the red hot sun. Mal (who came back to life but should lose to Dawn) should be back. Also B (everly), Scott and NO loving couples!

I don't know why but I ship Cody and Dawn as a couple so hard for some reason. I think they'd work for each other. Anyone agree?

Why Is Dawn so popular? I don't think she's horrible or anything but she gets too much credit

She deserved so much better

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6 Sammy

I like her more than Amy because in the challange where they shouldn't tell a lie she was dressed as Amy but they asked her who she hates the most and she said Amy and you can see that she saved her team to be electrified

She needs the million to get a restraining order against her #$%^& of a sister.

TAKE THAT BRIEFCASE AND SLAP AMY OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! That proves just how much I hate Amy. - Scaranna

7 Gwen

Gwen is a fake wannabe goth, with no morals and doesn't care if the guy she wants has a girlfriend or not.

There was an alternate ending for when she did win.

I wouldn't count this. She DOES have an alternate ending, That's not shown in places like Canada or USA.


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8 Brick

He deserves it like seriously he is awesome and scared of the dark I mean chris' ratings will blow each time brick sprungs a leak

Brick reporting for Duty :) he got voted off for leaving his team behind because of Joe and I think Joe should of got voted off instead and Brick was gonna be in all stars instead of Sam

Walks up to camera )Brick:Private Brick MacArthur reportin' for duty..permission to explain why I would be a valuable assets to total drama :D

9 Jasmine

Shes the best

Jasmine deserves to win a season, after all, she was the best player in Pahkitew Island!

10 Ezekiel

Not saying he should win, but at least have him be in the final five and have some actual character to make up for the crap he has been through. Like maybe he comes in at an early episode in the 10 year special season and he gets healed through some magical (Dawn maybe heals him), or something. He then competes and kicks at least one of the baddies butt.

Sorry to say, after what happened in World Tour, it looks like he's not coming back.

Deserves to at least be SECOND TO LAST PLACE! I would not like to see Ezekiel be first one out again, especially in a season containing every single contestant except for the adults in Ridonculous Race.

One day. One day he shall return and be victorious!...hopefully...maybe..please? - taishisohma

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11 Harold

Harold is much like that one guy that 75% of people can relate to often, and is misunderstood sometimes and is VERY CLEARLY underestimated. If there's ever an 8th season, I'd like to see Harold win that season while still being the well developed, relatable, and good natured character he is. The last 2 or 3 seasons were a little too overrated, so I'd like to see a season that doesn't disappoint and have Harold win in at least 1 country in that season..

Why does the nerd always get voted off by jerks, GOSH! - DapperPickle

It took me awhile


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12 Tom
13 Scott

Probably the best strategic player ever, except Alejandro.

Scott, is the best villain.

Scott, is the best villain, in Total Drama history

He could have won season 5 if Zoey wasn’t such a bitch.

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14 Dave

It was already bad what sky did to him but to make it worse she wins like what let Dave win so he can rub it in sky's face

15 Lewshawna

Leshawna would have won the first season if she wasn't unfairly eliminated. Then season 2 was basically about her making a mistake and having everyone turn on her, and then her journey for redemption. What better way to actually GET redemption than to win in a jury vote at the finale?

She is so wonderful and nice to all except Heather and who would not

Leshawna is an all round amazing character and it is a shame she never won a season


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17 Brody

I know he won in TDRR, but I would like to see him win without Geoff. He's awesome and I'd like to see him do it on his own, Geoff would support him obviously.

18 Bridgette Bridgette

Bridget's really deserves to win a season. She is so nice but always gets eliminated! I find it super annoying

Bridgette really needs to win. She is really nice and good at total drama. She is on of my favorite characters. She really needs a win

We know, we know, writers. She's good at hosting The Aftermath. But she really deserves another chance to prove her potential. We want the TDI Bridgette back!

Is it just me, or it should be that if you participated in every season in which you could, you are an all star. AKA: Owen, Izzy, DJ and Bridgette. Are they not memorable enough?

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19 Jen

She should win and use the money to go on a huge shopping spree, and get her own fashion line!

Yay Jen but would someone please add Tom! You forgot him

20 Mike
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