Total Drama Characters Who Should Compete Again


The Top Ten

1 Noah

He was great in World Tour. He should compete again.


2 Dawn

Dawn is to smart. Scott was even more smart to voted her off.

I feel like we have not seen enough of these two.

3 Ella

In a future season, she should kick Sugar's butt!

4 Amy & Samey

Just samey, amy can go die in a hole for all I care

5 Tyler

Tyler is funny. He should definitely compete again.

6 Geoff
7 Bridgette
8 Brick
9 Beardo
10 Dakota

The Newcomers

? Harold

Brain Fround confirmed he's no longer involved with fresh so Harold may not likely compete. Rats. I wanted to see him show off more skills.

The Contenders

11 Trent

Trent is not bad He deserves another chance.

12 Lindsay
13 Mike

Yes! And have a new alter-ego, I guess.

Mike was a really interesting character, and was one of the things that helped Total Drama All Stars from being a pretty sucky season. I hope his personalities didn't actually go away, because they are what's best about him. :) (I specifically love Chester )

14 Izzy

She should compete because she is quick and amazing.

15 Katie and Sadie
16 Jasmine
17 Dwayne Jr.
18 Zoey
19 Ezekiel
20 Staci
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