Total Drama Characters Who Should Compete Again


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1 Noah

He was great in World Tour. He should compete again.


2 Dawn

Dawn is to smart. Scott was even more smart to voted her off.

I feel like we have not seen enough of these two.

3 Ella

In a future season, she should kick Sugar's butt!

4 Amy & Samey

Just samey, amy can go die in a hole for all I care

5 Tyler

Tyler is funny. He should definitely compete again.

6 Geoff
7 Bridgette Bridgette
8 Brick
9 Beardo
10 Dakota

The Newcomers

? Eva

The Contenders

11 Trent

Trent is not bad He deserves another chance.

12 Lindsay
13 Jasmine
14 Mike

Yes! And have a new alter-ego, I guess.

Mike was a really interesting character, and was one of the things that helped Total Drama All Stars from being a pretty sucky season. I hope his personalities didn't actually go away, because they are what's best about him. :) (I specifically love Chester )

15 Izzy

She should compete because she is quick and amazing.

16 Katie and Sadie
17 Duncan

As long as he's the badass Duncan from his earlier seasons, there's every reason to wanna see him again. The antagonism his return would cause Chris alone is worth his reappearance.

No. Duncan is great, but he's a screen hogger and has competed in every season that he could.

18 Dwayne Jr.
19 Zoey
20 Ezekiel
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