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41 Duncan and Courtney

I LOVE Ducney. Until they broke up in World Tour.

Much wow yes!

42 Lightning and Anne Maria

I prefer Brick and Anne Maria

I think they're cute together

A made up couple. Should be a couple for season 5 or any season

A great cople for season 5

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43 Cameron and Zoey

I actually ship this couple more than Mike and Zoey. They were such great friends, helped eachother, and Zoey gave up the win to save Cameron from Larry (in the episode "The Enchanted Franken-Forest"). But in that episode, Lightning eliminated Zoey. Honestly, I wish that Lightning eliminated himself. - Catacorn

Zoey shows to deeply care for Cameron.

44 Beth and The Pole

This is actually my OTP and I need to see more interactions

45 Staci and B
46 Dawn and Scott

I think Dawn and Scott would be more of a brother and sister relationship, in my opinion.

I just like the idea of the two being together. It sounds like it would be really cute.

My 4th fave couple!

Ohh, this is my best adorable couple ever in T droit!

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47 Tyler and Lindsay.

I love this couple they are so cute together. The whole princess and jock thing is so cute. Isn't such the typical romance thing.

I believe that since Lindsay was from the screaming gophers and Tyler from the killer bass their love is to powerful

48 Dawn and Cody

They might not know each other but look at them. They would look super cute. Cody is genuinely a nice guy and Dawn reads auras and likes nice guys, I hope they make this couple canon one day! Scott you have Courtney over there. Sierra, your truly crazy with all these Cody jrs. Date Topher or something

Wow I haven't thought of that! This is a good couple

I think this couple will really work out and become popular if shown to the audience

This one should be in 19th place if the new Total Drama Season Starts.

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49 Dave and Samey

So cute. Love em. Back of sky. Dave and samey forever - Scaranna

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50 Blaineley and Owen

This would be child molestation because Blaineley is a full grown woman. - Darellfat

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51 Max and Scarlett

I think they are like Barbie and Ken... MADE 4 EACH OTHER!

52 Dawn and Duncan

No cause Duncan would just get annoyed

I love Dawn - she's so sweet <3 She would be the perfect match for rocker Duncan. They're both opposites - but opposites attract after all!

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53 Anne Maria and Lightning

Well, both obsessed with themselves, and only care about themselves, so I approve!

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54 Gwen and Geoff

If Geoff and Bridgette breaks up somehow, these too would be fine. they make a great friendship though

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55 Owen and Food

The guy weighs 296 pounds he's like already married to food

Already a couple... Owen is obsessed with food

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56 Justin and Sadie
57 Chris and Chris

Laugh out loud perfect pairing

Laugh out loud! Chris has a crush on himself!

Chris loves himself so I like this couple


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58 Topher and Samey

I totally support this! Topher and Sammy would be uber great. Ella, date someone else

I LOVE THIS PAIRING! I hope they are in an upcoming season together!

They should be a lt higher the host wannabe and the nice cheerleader

I think that they are cute because Samey is like Amy 2.0 and Topher is Chris 2.0.
They would look pretty cute together! ❤️

59 Cameron and Anne Maria
60 Courtney and Gwen

There not dating there just best friends forever. They will stick together and any problem they have can be worked out.

They'd be cute together not to mention hot

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