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81 Alejandro and Anne Maria

They both have good game play so why not.

They have the same skin tone so why not?

V 3 Comments
82 Scott and Fang V 3 Comments
83 Jo and Gwen V 2 Comments
84 Bridgette and the Pole

I'd rather pair up Beth with the pole. She was the one who consoled it and then tried to ask it out. Really, when Bridgette said Geoff was better than the pole, Beth was all "Guess you guys just weren't meant to be. So, what are you doing later? "

ONE OF THE BEST PAIRINGS EVER! Ha! She even serenaded it with a song! - kurai803

Her tongue got stuck on the pole because she was tricked by Alejandro. - Catacorn

NO WAY! Bridgette goes with Geoff! This was so not meant to be!

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85 Trent and Kelsey

No. She scares me. She made out with a Trent doll. That's scary.

I can agree with this This has no chance of working

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86 Mal and Gwen

Just imagine how good theses 2 would be

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87 Lindsay and Lightning

On All STARS they were the first two eliminated. - sdgeek2003

This couple makes sense and it's going to be canon probably

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88 Cody and Ella

I don't really see this happening but I totally would root for it if they met sometime in later seasons

Cody and Ella would be friends... I think

89 Cody and Bridgette

I could see it working. if Cody hadn't fallen for Gwen, Bridgette probably would have been the one.

Fanfiction clearly loves this crack pairing, so why not put it on the couples list?

90 Eva and Brick
91 Dave and Dawn
92 Duncan and Zoey

Great couple that are actually really similar to each other! Love doey!

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93 Alejandro and Zoey

What kindof human think of this?! They didn't even meet together! End Zoey needs to be with mike!

94 Mike and Eva
95 Kitty and Trent

This is perfect and you all know it - ProPanda


96 Josee and Jaquee

Yes! After she forgives him for dropping her on her head.

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97 Eva and Mickey

I farted

98 Bridgette and Surboard

As stupid as this already is, they couldn't even spell "surfboard" right. - paganomd

You spelled surfboard wrong honey. - Catacorn

I agree bridgette always has her surfboard with

99 Junior and Carrie
100 Izzy and Justin

This would be funny to actually see

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