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101 Duncan and Heather

They would make an awesome couple, two bad delinquents who each have their own evil way to spice up the game

Duncan and Heather is my one of my top 5 ships on total drama!

She's already with Al

Heather deserves and wants alejandro lik a man in th sahra longs for water and vice versa

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102 Zoey and Scott V 1 Comment
103 Ezekiel and Anne Maria

Maybe, I guess. After Ezekiel turns normal again

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104 Heather and Trent

But Heather kissed Trent and he fell for it.

They're not even a couple

105 Mal and Mike V 1 Comment
106 Mal and Manitoba
107 Chris and Courtney
108 Mal and Zoey
109 Chris and Blaineley

This is the only Chris pairing I actually like. This would totally work with them hating each other and sharing the same goal. It's like Duncan and Courtney in some ways

Finally, the only pairing with Chris that I actually agree on! Why is it so low? - kurai803

110 Harold and Duncan V 2 Comments
111 Eva and Courtney
112 Staci and Izzy
113 DJ and Irene
114 Eva and B
115 Owen and Mr. Coconut

Their separation was so sad! I cried tears of despair! - kurai803

116 Chris and Chef


117 Noah and Gwen

Awesome favourite 2 characters

118 Leonard and Ella

The princess and the wizard. It sounds great! This would also be the most unique couple besides the late Owen and Izzy. This is my favorite Ella pairing! I really don't get where Topher and Ella came from

I like Leonard X Sugar then Leonard X Ella

119 Sierra and Duncan
120 Sky and Tyler

Um, hello? Tyler is dating Lindsay

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