Top Ten Total Drama Episodes

I saw a list for each season, but what about the whole series?

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1 I Triple Dog Dare You!

The episode was arguably one of the funniest and most memorable. I couldn't stop laughing at the montage of challenges. Plus, we'll never forget when Heather finally gets what she deserves. - Turkeyasylum

Nope! I despise this episode! It's basically a slap in the face to Heather fans. - AinezoChan

Arguably the best episode of tdi. - Therandom

2 Hawaiian Punch

This one is my most favorite TD episode. I loved the Alejandro and Heather part. - AinezoChan

3 Hook, Line, and Screamer
4 Scarlett Fever

I agree that Scarlett needed more screen time, but THIS was insane. I didn't like how it was a fake island. One of the worst parts is when Max gets eliminated. There were some good parts, though. I liked how the contestants teamed up to stop Scarlett. I also thought it was cool when Max used a fake robot to get into Scarlett's lair. After that, Sugar flies in and captures Scarlett. 6.5/10.

This episode had its ups and downs. I like how all the contestants teamed up to take down Scarlett. Also, Max proved he was the ultimate evil by tricking Scarlett. Max getting eliminated in this episode was dumb, but they needed an episode that eliminated 2 people

Terrible episode, wasn't a fan of it. Plus I think Max should have stayed in.

My favorite episode so far! This one was crazy! I always knew there was something wrong with Scarlett(The knives in the globe in her audition tape, anyone? )and this episode proved it. I really hope they do something similar in the future(Total drama movie, anybody? )

5 Phobia Factor

Awesome episode. Loved it.

6 A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars

The greatest finale of total drama history!

7 Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island
8 Planes Trains and Hot Air Balloons
9 Top Dog
10 Get a Clue

The Newcomers

? Up in the Creek

The Contenders

11 The Big Sleep
12 Grand Chef Auto
13 Dodge Brawl

Dodge Brawl was so good.

14 Haute Camp-ture

I didn't really like this episode.

15 Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Show

CMTDARS is just... HILARIOUS! I loved Sierra's debut, and Josh and Blaineley were quite funny as well. The plot was pulled off well, the episode was fabulous becuase it's actually quite realistic... We all thought the show might end, and it was basically a catchup at first, which turned into season three. Best part, GEOFF ISN'T IN IT! - Turkeyasylum

16 Heroes vs Villains

This episode is abysmal! - AinezoChan

17 Not Quite Famous
18 After The Dock of Shame
19 The Aftermath: IV
20 Awwwwww, Drumheller
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1. A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars
2. Phobia Factor
3. Hawaiian Punch
1. Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island
2. Planes Trains and Hot Air Balloons
3. Hawaiian Punch



TDTOP5: #5- Dodgebrawl (Total Drama Island)
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