Top Ten Total Drama Island and My Little Pony Fanon Couples

I came up with most of these and if I see one gay couple on here I'm going ballistic.

The Top Ten Total Drama Island and My Little Pony Fanon Couples

1 Fluttershy x Harold

This couple is very strange, but I can imagine it being super cute if they were both human. Harold would think she looked interesting with her pink hair and big eyes and might think she's an anime character in real life, and she'd just politely giggle and probably blush

I actually thought that since the two get bullied a lot, get pushed around even if they're trying to be assertive, and are just treated cruelly, even if it's by their own friends and teammates(Rainbow and Duncan) - sdgeek2003

2 Rainbow Dash x Duncan

Oh yeah

Ha Ha! Imagine that. - PizzaGuy

3 Twilight Sparkle x Noah
4 Apple Jack x Ezekeil
5 Rarity x Trent
6 Pinkie Pie x Geoff

If they were human, this would make so much more sense. Party girl, party dude? Sign me up!

7 Trenderhoof x Gwen
8 Twilight Sparkle x Chris Maclean

This has to be a troll ship but I don't care: its funny and I hate this list so have at it - sdgeek2003

I like this ship

9 Fluttershy x DJ

If they were both human, this couple would be too cute for me to handle

Gimme FanFics for this now!

10 Bon Bon x Cody

The Contenders

11 Twilight Sparkle x Cameron
12 Flash Sentry x Lewshawna
13 SD x Fluttershy
14 Kyle x Nate
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