Top Ten Total Drama Love Couples That Should Have Happened

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61 DJ and Sadie

These two are both sweet, and would make a good couple with how caring and sweet they are. They would be really cute and adorable to watch.

62 Tyler and Miles

For some reason I think this would be really cute if it happened. They are both pretty different.

A jock and a vegan? Sounds like an interesting couple. I would definitely ship it!

63 Silent B and Sierra

Sierra becomes obsessed with B!

64 Sanders and Max

The police cadette and the villain? This is crazy, but so crazy that it would work! Sanders and Max would be adorable to see together, they are total opposites, but she could inspire him to become a better person.

65 Jacques and Sugar

The new antagonist couple!

66 Silent B and Staci

This would work out great, Staci could talk her head off to B, and he wouldn't even yell at her!

67 MacArthur and Jacques V 1 Comment
68 Mickey and Dakota

This would be an adorable and too cute couple!

69 Ryan and Carrie

I was hoping for this couple to happen after Ryan and Stephanie broke up.

70 Leonard and Samey
71 Junior and Bridgette
72 Crimson and Alejandro

At first Alejandro would think Crimson was kind of creepy, but after getting to know her, they fall in love! She like makes him see life in a whole different way.

73 Bridgette and Justin

She thinks he's hot, and she's a pretty girl. Justin wouldn't use her like Alejandro did though.

74 Miles and Harold

This couple would be so perfect! It would make a lot more since than Harold with Leshawna.

75 Dave and Kitty

Kitty could get Dave to lighten up a little!

76 Emma and Scott

Emma is similar to Courtney, so this could work.

77 Jo and Jacques

Jacques is graceful, and Jo is well, not. This could work.

78 Josee and Geoff V 1 Comment
79 Mickey and Laurie

They could be cute.

80 Cody and Zoey

I would choose Zoey with Cody than Zoey with Mike any day! Zoey and Cody would be way cuter!

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