She is the meanest on the show. I hate her but I love seeing her get beat up so that is why I voted for her. Top ten bad things that happen to her
10. Her eye brows are singed off
9. Locked in freezer
8. Lock in confession stall after Owen is in it
7. She falls off a hanglider, and is beat up by beavers
6. She's thrown of a cliff by Leshawna
5. She is shocked in the aftermath
4. Leshawna knocks her tooth out
3. A branch takes off her top
2. She is hit by a flaming rock
1. Chef shaves her head

The one where her top gets ripped off is scary, she is the ugliest person on the show

Hot, beautiful, smart, great tactics, she's got everything! Even in singing she is so good! She deserved to win that season and bring home the mil but too bad that the volcano erupted and Ezekiel took the mill. It is true that heather and Alejandro are the greatest adversaries the game EVER and I mean EVER HAD! I mean come on she brings the DRAMA tO the show! Queen of mean but the best ever! She's even the only one to make Alejandro, the most cold heated dude in the show to fall for her. By the way they are REALLY AND I MEAN REALLY THE BEST COUPLE EVER! She brings hundreds of fans to come run to the T.V. when it is her screen time!

She has put the drama in all 4 seasons of total drama so far. Total Drama World Tour, Island, Action, and soon to be All-Stars. The reason being, that her evilness her slyness and her sheer comedy makes the show go around. Also, I loved how she outwitted Al in the end I n the US version. It just shows how smart she really is.

I love heather, she is the reason I watched the total drama series. Go HEATHER

Many people say heather is a 2 faced back stabbing liar but I totally disagree sure sometimes she went a little over board but she was very entertaining. She is my favourite character and is a great player. She is 1 of the best characters the game has ever had and it's nice to see she is being liked. Heather forever!

Besides Gwen, Heather is my favorite. Without her, I probably wouldn't be watching total drama. My reasons for this are, she makes the show intersting, Alejandro and her the best couple on the show, and she is simply the best antagonist ever! Alejandro is awesome too, because he's cute, he's strategic, he's sneaky and he's skilled.

Gwen was also a good contribution to tdwt because of the love triangle she was in. With the tension between her and Courtney, the show became even MORE interesting.

In my opinion, these three characters are the best ones that total drama has to offer. Go gwen Alejandro and heather!

She may be mean, but ezekiel is badder. This girl is so pretty, and also, same continent. And lastly, at least she had a friend, and isn't crazy. Also, she really is full of agility. She DESERVES THE MILLION DUE TO HER HARDWORKING SKILLS! Respect the asians! Asia rules!

I love heather I would voted for al but I think he's way too evil I mean look at all the girls he betrayed. And maybe al is wise but I still like heather actually I'm a dude and its weird for voting for heather but who cares I like her style for me 1st heather then al

She is great, she always seems to get far, and she has great strategies. She is mean, but it does not stop her from winning. Heather has made total drama very interesting and the show is really good with her on the show. Also heather is supposed to be on Total Drama All-Stars.

She is so awesome! I love her because hse is the only one who actually knows what she's doing! I hate how they shaved her head, but she's still awesome, but she could be a little bit nicer. :) I'm sad she doesn't win though... But she's still my favorite and she was unfairly kicked off of season one because of Gwen (hate! ) and Owen... :(

Duncan is overrated, he barely did anything this season besides cheat on Courtney and start a BS love triangle. Heather however, unlike Duncan, developed a LOT as a character and did the most out of all contestants. It seems people only like Duncan because he's a bad boy. Heather all the way.

Heather keeps the show interesting. I couldn't stand total drama if she wasn't in it. She's just so mean, and sassy, and really doesn't take crap from anyone. Not to mention she's gorgeous.

She is the smartest(and hottest) character on the show. She does better than any one because her method has got to be the the show has ever seen. She's the best part of the show and sometimes the only reason it's watchable.

My opinion of Heather has now totally changed I don't hate her now, she isn't the annoying girl I can't stand anymore, that distinction goes to courtney.

She may be mean but she became nice in total drama world tour and she has the best hair. Well before it got shave off.

Heather makes the game! Favorite Heather quote:Season one episode one:"Get bent! "

I vote her because shes super cool, wild like me, and were the same continent. Shes so charming, too.

Who cares how mean she is, she is the hottest, cutest, prettiest, sexeist, most beautiful, and sexeist character on any show. I love it when when the branch takes her top off. That top is the perfect to show as much skin as possible, and those shorts are so cute. Her stone grey hair flows perfectly down her back. After she is bald, she is still the hottest camper on the show. When the top of her head is flat, she still is beautiful as heck. When she has her hair braided, it makes her look like an angel. With her ponytail, the only word to describe her is cute. Even with a halfway shave head, she is hot. With her afro wig, she is still ten times as hot as any one. With the prehistoric wig she make all the others look like slop. The orginal wig shows the perfect amout of her forhead, and the gwen wig she looks better than gwen.

In this season, she doesn't act mean a little, she's a little bit nice. Like when she offered a cookie to her team.

She was the best in this season, not Duncan. sorry.

She is the best! So strong and gorgeous

I like her a lot, but Bridgette and Gwen are still my favorites!

Heather is the reason I watch Total Drama. She makes it interesting.

No Heather No Drama. It's as simple as that.

Finally she won a season because she does really good