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1 Heather

She should be number 1! She's a badass Lmao

2 Alejandro

I'm actually shocked by how much I like Alejandro. When I first saw the Celebrity Manhunt Special, I thought he was just going to be some cheap Justin or Heather rip-off but he wasn't. He was an arsehole but he was an entertaining arsehole. His rivalry/relationship with Heather was fun to watch, his friendship with Owen was funny and he managed to get almost every single member of Team Victory eliminated. That and you gotta give him credit for making the merge twice. I hope they bring him back for another season. I await you, Mr. Burromuerto.

One thing that Al did right that almost no other villain achieved was remain undetected. While other villains like Heather and Courtney and Duncan made it through a few challenges due to blind luck with immunity, this man managed to fool everyone until it was too late for them to do anything about it

Alejandro should be ahead of Mal. Seriously, Alejandro had a plan, but Mal was just... there!

I hate Alejandro but he's a fantastic villan

3 Mal

Mal has always been my favorite since the first time I watched TDAS.He was very clever and determined to win.Nothing was going to get in his way.I hope they bring him back.I await you,Malevolent One.

4 Scarlet

Islam is the best way to the jannat

Defintley the best villain - ArcturusDean

5 Chris McLean Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

This guy is awesome

- Gehenna

6 Courtney

Yes I wish total drama can make a video of her farting too much like in total drama action leshawna and she waiting for a bathroom line and then peed her pants :/

7 Zeke
8 Scott

Ok why is Scott only 8? He deserves to be in the top 3 between Heather and Alejandro! Mal is Worst

I love scott but I love tdas scot t more than tdrot I scott.

Scott is way to underrated and should be over Scarlett, the ABSOLUTE WORST VILLAIN OF ALL TOTAL DRAMA HISTORY

9 Eva
10 Josee
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11 Chef Hatchet
12 Lightning
13 Amy
14 Max
15 Jo
16 Justin

He was a boring villain

17 Jacques

Should be ahead of Josee

18 Duncan
19 Psycho Killer
20 Sasquatchanakwa
21 Bear
22 Wooly Beaver
23 Shark
24 Ezekiel

Zeke and Ezekiel are the same thing

25 Fang

Why did I have to add this? - Turkeyasylum

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