Top Ten Traits You Would Want to See In Your Date


The Top Ten

1 Intelligent

A smart and intelligent mind is an important trait. What if you get married and you have kids? How will you help him or her with homework? Intelligence is important. - davakoh

I mainly voted for this to get "good-looking" off of the top spot. But really, the mind is more important than any quality here. - keycha1n

Yes, there's no way I could date a guy who was a complete idiot. - Minecraftcrazy530

Definitely, isn't it? Just as Miriam Defensor Santiago said:
"Stupid girl + Stupid boy = Sexually Transmitted Deseases" - Fandom_Lover

2 Sense of Humour
3 Accepting

My second choice, especially SOME girls, who won't just accept that they don't have a chance with that boy in their class. Doesn't mean that they've just quickly glanced at you doesn't mean that they officially like you. I've known this since I was fourth grade, maybe it was because I've had a huge crush on a boy then, but I had no chance with him. - Fandom_Lover

4 Attentive
5 Loyal
6 Caring

She needs to have a good heart for me. - Garythesnail

7 Supportive
8 Open-Minded
9 Has a Good Job
10 Collaborative

A relationship requires two individuals that become one. You have to work together at all times. Don't think I'm Doctor Phil though. - davakoh

The Contenders

11 Risk Taker
12 Good-Looking

Looks are the most deceiving quality there is. A girl can look ravishing, but behind that make-up, she could be heartless. A girl may have a broken nose and one eye, but that wouldn't stop her from being vibrant in character. - PositronWildhawk

I applaud the honestly, but I severely disagree. - keycha1n

This matters because when someone looks at you, your look is the first impression.
It the first thing that determines and actual date. Because when you look at someone, you would want to see a handsome/beautiful face. Then you really get to know them. - davakoh

You're either on the "Looks can be deceiving" side, or the "You are what you wear" side.


13 Disciplined
14 Good Taste
15 Imaginative
16 Independent
17 Kind
18 Romantic

Should Be Number 2

19 Voluminous
20 Strong
21 Ambitious
22 Driven
23 Adventurous
24 Creative
25 Sensible
26 Cooler Cooler

Beacause u don't want a nerd u want a rapper

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