Turn-offs On People of the Opposite Sex

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They're jerks
Horrible sense of humor

If a person has a horrible taste in humor, it's not only a big turn-off for the opposite sex, but the same sex too. - Kiteretsunu

They smell horrible

I would say this. - funnyuser

They think they are good at something that they really suck at

Depends on what it is. This might actually be cute (in a funny way) if they are not too big headed about it. - Powell

I'm not sure if I added this or not, but it's hilarious. - MoldySock

Their family is horrid
They do drugs
They smoke
Bad taste in television shows/movies

I'm not sure if I could marry a man who hates South Park and Likes to watc The real housewives of I-Don't-care county - MoldySock

They're stupid

A number of girls that I know are smart, and I like that in them, but many of them are just plain imbeciles. Well, at least they're not as dumb as some guys that I know. If I were a girl, and if I met even one of that lot, I'd RUN! - PositronWildhawk

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They're physically unfit

Very much a turn off - Curti2594

They wear the same thing everyday
A child
They're toxic
Bad Hairdo
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