Top Ten Ugliest Paired Colors

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1 Pink + Blue

Too bloody bright and too much a sign of political crap

This is an okay combination, not that good.

I've seem them used to signify gender.

Not too bad, but unappealing

2 Orange + Blue

Only good of done right. Lime a dark blue with a tiny bit of bright orange as an accent.

This color pair reminds me of the most corrupt political party in the Philippines.

Sorry but these two are the complementary colours. whoever voted for this has no taste in colours

They're complementary colors, but really clash with each other.

3 Brown + Lime Green

This should be way higher. At present (with 4 more attractive color combinations higher on the list) this is the ugliest combination I have seen here.

What?! This is one of the best combinations, better than pink for sure.

Extremely ugly, should be #1 in my opinion

So trees are ugly? Nature is ugly?

4 Black + Green

Excuse me? Black and green go incredibly well together! My deadmau5 Google Chrome theme proves that point.

If it's dark green, I agree, but if it's neon green... that's my favorite color combination!

Awesome combination! Both are my favorite colors, along with blue and red.

Black goes well with practically any bright color.

5 Red + Lime Green

This should be way WAY higher. All the ones above I like or love. Aside from dark blue and orange (only dark blue not light blue, light blue and orange are great together.)

If you wear these colors you will be enslaved in a sweatshop full of eerily jolly midgets.

It's like Christmas barf.

another headache inducing bloody bright color combo.

6 Black + Yellow

Yeah, you know what it is, black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow...Ahem, this is a very nice color combination! Bees and wasps!

Seriously, I love this combo!

Let’s spice it up a little!

WHAT? You aren't thinking bee!

7 Brown + Yellow

Doesn't look so bad on the Nesquik bottle

This is just shi*ty

8 Pink + Yellow

This is a great combination! It reminds me of The Land of Sweets and candy. The paired colours look really nice and pretty together.

Pink and yellow are the prominent colors that has to be endured when looking at donald trump. not to mention the two blue dots (windows to hell) that lie to us all!

Reminds me of a bad trip. Usually Pink elephants fly around in a yellow sky

It looks awkward when together, though they're my two favorite colors.

9 Red + Pink

I think red and pink are fine together. They're both good colors for hearts

Who wouldn’t love these two pretty, nice, almost same colours?

10 Blue + Red

Lots of national flags have this combination and it's not bad.

Actually, red is opposite green and blue is opposite orange. Complimentary colors are never both primary or secondary colors.

Its not bad but I think its ugliest it's the colour of koi fish

Literally so ugly reminds me of 2012 and colored jeans

Nah, it looks pretty nice

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11 Pink + Green

Yech both nice color on their own

Boi das gross like my big boi baan

12 Orange + Green

Literally disgusting. I don't know why, they just look supersaturated and sickening side by side

This makes me sick to my stomach, honestly, I can taste this colour scheme and it is horrid.

It can be done well, but without care, it can be absolutely hideous

This is the most beautiful combination I ever seen!

13 Fuchsia + Peach
14 Grey + Brown

Not a very good combination.

Not good at all.

15 Green + Yellow

Just plain ugly

Ew just think of this combo... no comment

16 Pink + Black

OMG, this shouldn’t be on the list! One of my favourite pairs! It looks really cool and mature, without looking too extreme and girly. People associate pink with girly things but put it with black and you get a nice cool combination.

Seriouly! I love this pair! I even had it as my wallpaper! As in pink in black background looks cool.

I think this combination is great, it's dark yet optimistic.

17 Purple + Yellow

Ewww how is this not number 1?!

18 Red + Yellow

Looks like McDonald’s.

19 Mint Green + Rust

Old car smell?

20 Silver + Brown

I've tried all of these color combinations when customizing cars on Forza 4, and they actually all look good. They just sound bad is all.

21 Grey + Yellow

Don't understand why this combination is a thing. Gray and yellow look awful together. Not harmonious at all.

Another awesome combination here.

22 Pink + Brown
23 Purple + Red

My favourite colour and my sister’s favourite colour, and they go well together, I think. I wish me and my sister got along that well!

24 Orange + Purple
25 Black + Brown
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