Top Ten ways Modernspongebobsucks is a Good User

So, this year, one of our best new users is . . . an anime fan . . . who hates Trump . . . is Modernspongebobsucks! He got a little to popular a little to fast, and he is a bit obsessed with Sword Art Online, but other than that, he's one of the best newcomers yet!

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1 He is a good person.

He's a nice dude. He's not harsh on anything (unlike me sometimes) and stays chill even when he hates another user.

Yeah, but a little bit of advice and not to be offensive, but you could calm down a little on the trump stuff. I had to say it, sorry

Don't worry. I'll try not to talk too much about Donald Trump. I may hate him a lot, but there are other things on this website that I want to talk about and contribute to. Such as making high-quality posts, lists, and remixes. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Come on, you know someone is social when they message so much that they are banned from doing so.

I aspire to be like him. It's very likely I won't get nearly as many followers, but he is kind. The light always pushes back the dark, you know.

2 He has good taste in anime.

He likes good anime like Attack on Titan, but hates bad anime like (shivers) Boku no Pico.

He does have a good taste. I don't really care for anime, but I like Yo-Kai Watch and Pokemon.

Sword Art Online isn't the only anime I like. I have variety, you know.

And a good taste in cartoons as well. He hates Secret Mountain Fort Awesome like I do. I agree, that show is so terrible that even The Problem Solverz is a teeny bit better. I also do not like the anime Boku No Pico.-AnimeDrawer85

3 He is forgiving.

Even in light of recent events, I'm still the type of person who doesn't like to hold grudges against others. However, Disney1994 is perhaps the only person so far I'm not willing to forgive in a LONG time. When I heard about his new post, I thought he was actually going to apologize about what he said about DisneyAnime1234. You want to know what happened? He did try to apologize about the DisneyAnime1234 incident... until he went back to talking all about himself like the selfish emo he is. I could forgive bobbythebrony since he apologized for his harshness towards me, but as for Disney1994, using someone's death to bring attention to him is something that I could never forgive someone for doing.

This is a very admirable quality.

He forgave bobbythebrony for what he did.

4 He knows a good TopTenner from a bad TopTenner.

He will follow you if you're a good user, well actually he followed me so I guess he will follow you even if your a slightly below average user

Update : Me and MSBS both hate Disney1994 instead of being neutral like before.

Luckily he thinks I'm good. Also, I agree with what SkullKid755 and ModernSpongeBobSucks said about Disney1994.

He hates Danteem and likes positron.

5 His list are similar, but stand out.

He makes a lot of anime list, but each list he's made since he improved a good amount has something good about it.

I looked at the older lists by him and laughed at how many of them were about anime.

6 He improved.

He's gonna be a big user on this website. Probably even Top 10 material.

At first I thought he was just an over obsessed Sword Art Online fan, but now he is probably gonna be the new egomac.

7 He is creative
8 He took an old idea, and made it into a new idea.

He took the idea of making a "ways to kill list", and made a "funniest ways to beat up" list.

9 He has good taste in politicians.

I honestly hate Donald Trump with a burning passion, too. I don't really like Hillary Clinton, and I'm not sure about Barack Obama.

He hates Bush and Trump, but likes Obama. I don't know what I really think of Obama.

I hate Trump with such a burning passion. I don't have an opinion about Obama. I hate Bush and Clinton.

I don't care about US politics, but I support the ALP in Australia.

10 He is part of TheTopTens family

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11 He uploads plenty of anime images.

And he tortured himself online just to give us images for school days and boku no pico, poor guy.

12 He's funny.

We can all admit, the joke about Trump watching boku no pico in his little basement is funny.

His Donald Trump opinions are hilarious.

13 He is funny
14 He respects other people's opinions
15 His user name is awesome

I think he's a good user, but now that people have been adding items, I don't agree with this list's items.

Adding sucks to the end of something for a username is not awesome, but very unoriginal and lazy. ModernSpongebobSucks is just as stupid as "BobbytheGoanimateComedian2004 NEUO WHUI HUIAW BUD IOAW UD".

16 He hates Donald Trump

I hate Trump too. Maybe tomorrow we will put poison on his breakfast and he will make him so sick and maybe killed.

I also hate Donald Trump.


Nearly everyone here hates Donald Drump

17 He hates Modern SpongeBob

Although Modern SpongeBob does suck, It's basically saying something like "PositronWildhawk is stupid because he likes physics". Don't judge someone by their opinion.

18 He's a friendly/cool person

ModernSpongebobsucks, I've seen you in many lists, you can be in the deep blue sea of comments, but I stillfind you. I don't know when you joined, but when I joined TheTopTens, you were one of the first users I saw. Hopefully one day Ill be like you

19 He hates Justin Bieber

Everyone does

Opinions don't make a person good.

I don't have anything against him... but how do opinions make someone a good person? This is a filler item, but I agree that he's a good person.

20 He enjoys sewing
21 He likes Michael Jackson
22 He likes the Beatles
23 He hates Osama Bin Laden
24 He hates Adolf Hitler
25 He hates Mao Zedong
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