Worst Things That Could Happen On Thanksgiving


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1 You forget the turkey

Ham is better anyway

The supermarket was out though... - ethanmeinster

2 Family isn't there

There's like 50 pounds of food, and you're the only one who can eat it all... - ethanmeinster

That's OK... I love thanksgiving dinner anyway! I have it ALL TO MYSELF! MUAHAHA! >:D

3 Choking on corn
4 Native Americans killing you because you descended from the pilgrims

Pilgrims on some boat, from UK haha. Actually most all over Europe. Immigration 1620.

Pilgrim: Hey, isn't Thanksgiving about family, peace, and love?
Native American: Not until you killed us and stole our resources a day after. - ethanmeinster

5 Favorite football team losing

Forget about Thanksgiving, that would ruin the week for me! - Flamesofsilver

6 Your favorite dish is gone before you get to eat it


Oh god, that would be terrible


NOOO MY HONOR - TheTopTenVoter

7 The dog eats all of the stuffing

Eh, I hate stuffing anyway.

8 Falling asleep on your gravy

Fun fact: Tryptophan doesn't make you sleepy. It's all the food you're eating that makes you sleepy. However, no one wants gravy on their favorite shirt. - ethanmeinster

I'm sorry, but I don't want to drown in gravy on Thanksgiving. I f you fall asleep with your nose and mouth in any liquid for an extended period of time, chances are you will die. I don't want gravy to kill me.

9 Delayed flights

Just host Thanksgiving at your house and invite people that can drive there! Problem solved!

That's why you shouldn't have gone to LaGuardia. - ethanmeinster

10 A giant turkey killing you because you ate his brother

This happened to my uncle

I hate that so much

The Contenders

11 Justin Bieber shows up

Well he should be in Canadian Thanksgiving.

That should be the first worst

It had to be done.

If JB shows up, shoot him. End of story.

12 Black Friday shoppers tearing through your house

Really? You're seriously going to wait outside of Walmart at 6 PM instead of being with your family and eating the foods? - ethanmeinster

Thankfully, we Canadians have our Thanksgving a month earlier. - PetSounds

13 The family decides to watch Caillou instead of football

Where the hell did Caillou come from?

Sort of random if you ask me... But to be honest, I don't watch football or T.V. in general. I don't even know how Thanksgiving is related to football.

14 Neighbors are loud

My family is Asian and we party EVEN LOUDER than the neighbors!

15 The Turkey gets burned

At least you have pumpkin pie... Hopefully you didn't screw that up.

This happened on the thanksgiving episode of Full House.

16 There's no pumpkin pie for dessert

That's OK. Last Thanksgiving I had taro cake for dessert on Thanksgiving. It's one of those cakes that Asians get from Chinatown for their birthdays. It's so delicious.

17 You find out the main entree is not turkey

I actually prefer ham

Why must Thanksgiving be this way?!

18 You hate all the food that is served
19 Everyone Watches My Little Pony Instead of the the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
20 A baby cries

If a baby is among the guests during dinner than this is normal.

Seriously noo!

21 Sister tells one of your uncles they're not invited after your parents already invited them
22 The family decides to watch Barney and Friends instead of football

Because there was a four year old kid in your family

23 You throw up from eating too much turkey
24 Allergic to a food

Like people in my family allergic to cornbread or I am allergic to cashews - Captaincrunch2015

25 Nicki Minaj Twerks On The Turkey

That Would Be Gross - JPK

26 Everyone Watches Twilight And/Or Fifty Shades of Grey Instead of Football
27 The Grinch shows up and steals your Thanksgiving Dinner
28 Everyone Watches Dora Instead of Football
29 Everything Is Undercooked
30 Forgot to turn on oven and turkey isn't ready
31 Your friend throws mashed potatoes at your face
32 The family talks about Christmas
33 Boogers are eaten instead of meat and potatoes
34 Missing the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
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