Worst Things for a Male to Say When Meeting His Girlfriend's Parents for the First Time

Yes, it's a nerve-wracking experience which is why you might want to avoid saying anything on this list...

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1 Haha! Yeah I've seen her birthmark. . .

Be it on your own head. Just don't say Britgirl didn't try and warn you! - Britgirl

2 She's pregnant

Want to get your head cut off, and get hung on the wall as an antique? Go right ahead and say this to them. - Crysis

Might wanna get out of the house before her father calls the cops on you. - ethanmeinster


You had s** with her before marriage? And the parents don't even know you and would definitely not have permitted this? This is totally the worst things to say. This and the wife in the car thing are the worst. But 'She's pregnant' is totally the worst. You knocked her up! You had s** with her! You might have done it to her against her will: rap** her. That's terrible. I'd die and kill my boyfriend too!

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3 Can't stop long. Got the wife waiting for me in the car. V 2 Comments
4 I might've knocked up your daughter

This can make your head to be cut off

5 Wow! How much is a gaff like THIS worth?!
6 This is just a bit of fun really

You'd be in through the front door and out through the back window. - Britgirl

7 Better not shake hands - I've got a hand fungus. Ain't been identified yet!
8 I'm unemployed. Yeah, have been for. . . What. four years now?
9 I thought you said your sister would be here. . .?

Oh my God! Absolutely do not say that! Not if you value the friendship you have with your kneecaps anyway! - Britgirl

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10 Big Brother is my favorite show

Horrible thing to say - BigBrotherSucks

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11 Your daughter is incredible in the sack


If you said this her dad would probably punch you in the face

12 So, how much you want for her?

...because I'd pay anything to have her.

13 What? My intentions? What're you going on about?!
14 I Totally Respect Amy. . Oh, Sorry, Poppy? Lisa. . .?
15 Alright, Dave, mate? You must be 'er old man

Hello. I'm not against roughly-spoken men but it might be an idea NOT to greet my Father quite so informally. "SIR" would do. Haha! - Britgirl

Britgirl - I can't ever imagine you bringing home someone as rough-spoken as this to meet your family!

Only say this if you've spoken on the phone several times beforehand. - IronSabbathPriest

Probably best to be a LITTLE more respectful? - Britgirl

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16 Yeah, she's gonna be a great mother. I speak from her experience.
17 It was awkward first time. How about you when you first met?
18 How Many Grandchildren Do You Want?
19 I'm a Belieber

Any decent Father would kick his daughter's boyfriend's genitals so hard, he'd have to open his mouth to pee if he said this! - Britgirl

Well... Ir espect peoples opinions but you bette rnot shove your aggressive love down MY THROAT! In my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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20 Her Sister's In a Similar Price Bracket, Right?

Ha! I think I've seen this one somewhere before... Funny but indeed one of the worst things to say. - Britgirl

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1. Big Brother is my favorite show
2. I might've knocked up your daughter
3. Can't stop long. Got the wife waiting for me in the car.
1. I might've knocked up your daughter
2. Can't stop long. Got the wife waiting for me in the car.
3. Haha! Yeah I've seen her birthmark. . .
1. Haha! Yeah I've seen her birthmark. . .
2. She's pregnant
3. This is just a bit of fun really

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