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1 Yo mama so poor, her T.V. has two channels: ON and OFF.

Laugh out loud I really this one wow this just made my night laugh out loud

Laugh out loud have t tel my best guy friends this

That's the best I ever heard yo laugh out loud

Yo Mamma's so poor she can't even afford free food.

2 Yo momma so poor she can't afford to pay attention

Lol! thats simple bt still its funny

Haha so funny like really I can't stop laughing

I remember saying this to my friend when he told me that he cannot pay any attention in the class. And a second passed and the entire class glanced at me and laughed.

It's kind of rude but hilarious I used it on my friend and he almost cried I bad but it was worth it. I'm going to use it on my brother next can't wait to see his face!

3 Yo mama so poor, I swatted a firefly and she said, Who turned off the lights?


It is so funny thanks people wont mess with me any more

It was so funny that my friend had milk pouring from his nose and he had a purple face. Thank you so much.

This joke means that you and yo mama that is poor as hell so who ever is looking in this dum crap you might be this crap#YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAP THAT IS DUM AS HELL

4 Yo mamma so poor that when I saw her walking down the street with one shoe on I said "I think you lost a shoe" but she goes "nah I found one"

I got one for you, yo mamas so poor I seen her kick a box down the street I asked her what she was doing, she said moving houses!

It's funny it copy from south park

Yo mama so ugly her birth certificate is an apology letter from The condom factory

It's a good joke but you should say yo mama is so ugly even bob the builder can't fix it

5 Yo momma so poor your family ate cereal with a fork to save milk

Haha I have one your mama so ugly she made a blind kid cry

Yo mama so poor, when I ring the doorbell, she goes DING!

someone stole my joke but this is the funniest

You momma so poor her face is on the front of the food stamp card

Yo mama is so fat she only knows the 3 letters of the alphabet

6 Yo mama so poor I visited her trailer and two cockroaches tripped me and a rat tried to steal my wallet

Ya momma's so poor that poor African children give money to HER.

Yo mama is so fat when she stepped in front of the T.V. I missed 5! Seasons of the bad girls club!

Burn that was like funny laugh out loud your mommy so poor she eats all the money

Your mama so nasty she changes her tampon every 5period you nob

7 Your mamas so poor that when I stayed for dinner there were three beans on the table. I took one and she said don't be greedy.

I think that joke is just so funny

Hay I never laugh like I haven't laughed at a single one even though they are hilarious I giggled at this one nice one

Good laugh out loud beans on the table I'm not going to her house putting that on my list

Lol that is crazy

8 Yo mama is so poor that when she saw a take a penny tray she said, I can't afford that

That was hilarious still laughing laugh out loud but messed up free penny tray I can't afford it

I'm laughing so hard my sides are stating to hurt

#laugh out loud the best

That is funny as heck theses are funny

9 Yo mama so poor, I saw her moving cans around in an alley, asked what she was doing, and she said, remodeling.

Yo mama so poor that when she touched some body she made them poor

Yo mama is so ugly when she looked in the mirror her own reflection ran away

I like the joke under me!

Your mama is so fat when sheat on a dollar bill george washington sang oh can you see get your fat ass off me

10 Yo mama so poor, her Welcome mat doesn't say Welcome; it says Welfare.

Yo mama so poor the birds throw bread at her. Yo mama so poor when she went outside to hang twoilet paper outside to dry. Yo mama so old when I said act after age she died.

Your mama so poor a coin is her budget

Yo mama so fat one day she whent to a public pool and someone screamed hippo!

I just can't breath beceause it was so funny

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11 Yo mama so poor, I saw her banging on a trash can, asked what she was doing, and she said, My kids locked me out.

Laugh out loud that is so funny but that would be weird If I actually saw that :D

Oh my God! I am bout to post that on Facebook

Your boring too you can't talk

Laugh out loud that wold be sad but if a dog saw here it would be rude becuase if it was trained not to.

12 Yo mama is so poor she had to squeeze her own milk out for her children to have cereal


Yo mama's so fat, when she sat on a dollar George Washington sang "oh say can you see get your fat ass off me! "

That was sososossoo funny

That was disturbing but a nice joke, laugh out loud! That is so funny pease out.

13 Yo mama so poor she chases the garbage truck with a shopping list

Laugh out loud to bad the eggs might be cracked

That's so funny LOL

This one is the best from the rest

Funniest one lol

14 Yo momma so poor she has the ducks throw bread at her

Yo mama so ugly she made Freddy Krueger look like a angel

Yo mamas so poor I saw her kick a can I asked her what she was doing she said moving

That's so hilarious I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes

Hey that's my joke

15 Yo mama so poor, I asked what was for dinner and she cocked a shotgun and said, Next one who moves.

That was a funny one I can't stop laughing

I like it because its funny and it gets people laughing

Would she be able to afford a shotgun?

This should be #1 Lmaoo

16 Yo mama so poor that on Christmas Day, your family watched a video of other kids opening presents.

Laugh out loud mother is must be pore for Christmas presents but not for watching a video of other kids opening there presents.

So sad! But funny laugh out loud

That is the most funniest thing ever.

Started laughing at this and everyone heard me wondering what the heck

17 Yo Momma so poor she hangs the Toilet paper out to dry

wow thats so nasty but hilarious

According to an anonymous site, a famous person named Yo Mamma died last night. Police have had the mother next door arrested on 25 counts of manslaughter. They suspect that the mother, in poverty, had hung up toilet paper to dry, and the smell killed Yo Mamma. The police decided that since there were 25 pieces of toilet paper, the mother had 25 counts of manslaughter.

Lmfao laugh out loud

She must be really poor

18 Yo mama so poor, she goes to KFC to lick people's fingers

That one is good!

I'm practically crying!

I used this on my friend.

19 Yo mama so poor, her address is This Side Up.

Laugh out loud I laughed so hard a farted

This was the best one

It was the best onnthe list

So funny I broke everything

20 Yo momma so poor that she can't afford a condom and gave birth to you.
21 Yo momma so poor when I ring the doorbell I hear the toilet flush

Best joke ever that was funny

Sad bit toilet flush but laugh out loud who ever wrote that

Nigs be trippin son

What you copied that from

22 Yo Momma so poor she can't even afford to go to the free clinic

That's a rubbish joke this ones better your momma is so poor the ducks throw bread at her

Yo momma so poor, I saw her kicking a can down the street one day, ask her what she was doing, she said moving... Is my favorite yo momma so poor joke EVER!

SO FUNNIES ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

This is my homemade joke yo mamma has so much dandruff that when she scratches her head dandruff falls out and people were like SNOW!

23 Yo Momma so poor I went through her front door and tripped over the back fence

Told this too my mom. She wasn't impressed

Umm... Lolmy mom got me introuble


I don't get it.

24 Yo mamma so poor that she died

It's dumb but some how I ended up dying I am not yo mama though

This one is HORRIBLE:(

Your so stupid you so poor you died make a better joke like you

This isn't funny.

25 Yo Mama So Poor She Went McDonalds for Free Wifi

Not everyone can afford WiFi ya know

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