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1 Kai Hiwatari

For the sake of the animation tyson was the champ... But it was kai... The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be


The way he battles, the way he talks, the way he shows his attitude us the best and will be best!

Very very True I will only say one thing that I love KAI

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2 Ray Kon

Ray has the most epic battles in the entire series and his Driger takes him to victory through almost every match he's in. His speed and attacks truly make Ray one of the tops.

I love Ray. He is my favourite bay bladder. I like his looks and attitude. He is also my 5th favourite character.

He is the best and will be the best

I love Ray. He is my favourite bayblader. He is also my 5th favourite character. I like his attitude and looks

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3 Kyouya Tategami

Kyoya is AWESOME! He's my favorite character out of all of the Beyblade series! He has a real fighter's spirit, and he can survive anything! He always has his friends' backs, even if he won't admit it!

Kyoya is edgy, rude, and a complete BEAST! He is my hands down favorite character, and I say he might just be the strongest there is. He would of gone to the finals of battle bladers if he had fought Ryuga in the 2nd round instead of the semi's. The Dark Power beat Kyoya, not Ryuga. He is the king of beast, tornadoes, and the best beyblade character of them ALL.

Kyouya is the best. HE IS THE KING OF THE BEASTS! He has the strongest fighting spirit and would never give up. He should have been the main protagonist.

Man I love almost all the bladers by heart! however I do not see Dishian Wang, Chao Xin and all the others. I looked until the last one (3). I need them here. OH, Kyoya and Ryuga should be at the TOP! I know it can not be however I need them at the top.


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4 Max Tate

Max is cute. But the best is the best which is Kai.

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5 Tyson Granger

Tyson is mad. I know that he is good but sometimes crazy. He is the second best cause Kai will always be the best. Let It Rip, Kai.

This character is definitely a serious, but goofy character in the series. I always think about how he would do against Gingka Hagane and Pegasus. By vote for the old-generation fans, Tyson and Dragoon would definitely win.

The best! No one can take his place, not even Gingka. - mohit100

Tyson is best battle against kai to a win Tyson

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6 Tala Valkov

Tala is the badass from Russia. He is the cooler blader in season 1 and G-revolution. Should be top 10 at least

He is the badass from Russia! Novae tog is the coolest attack in the whole show!

My favorite beyblade character! - Stoplookingatmyname

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7 Brooklyn

Some think Brooklyn is the best, but he isn't. He may be better than others but Kai will always be the best.

He could create a fake world. He is the best and most special character ever.

Kai made him to learn what is beyblading spirit because of kai he became a true blader. So I like Brooklyn and his bit beast zeus beautiful.

I added him to the list.Thanks for voting:-D. He wasn't my favorite but he certainly was the most powerful blader

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8 Tsubasa

Tsubasa is so epic. He is calm and fights cleanly (unlike ryuga). He has a dark side he tries to contain.

Tsubasa is an amazing Beyblader who uses an awesome battle style. He even looks awesome. He definitely rocks the stadium. His eagle is awesome with its amazing special move, Shining Tornado Buster. TSUBASA RULES!

Tsubasa rocks, overcame dark power and found a new special move

Metal Fight is not a real Beyblade, forget it.

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9 Ryuga

Yeah Ryuga is really cool. He has smart moves and smart, killing looks.

I don't like to admit it but he did beat ginga 2 times and beat kyoya every time they battled so he is strong

Hot looks, strongest, most toughest bladder who isn't scared of anyone or anything, and has epic moves

Op. He's a legend. All there is to say about the legend named Ryuga.

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10 Daichi Sumeragi

Daichi's strata dragoon is amazing

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11 Ginga Hagane

People who think that Gingka should be number 1 are dumb. No one gave permission to keep him at 11 it were the people's votes. And there's only one person who deserves the no. 1 position and that is Kai Kai and only Kai.

Ginga has the best Beyblade in the world which is called as Pegasus. There are three types of Pegasus.

They are Storm Pegasus, Cosmic Pegasus and Galaxy Pegasus

Ginga and Cosmic Pegasis make a unbeatable team

Gingival should be holding number 1 position not kai because he saves world many time he is the strongest blader in the whole series he is my favorite...

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12 Kenny

Come on boys every team needs mastermind and who would be Tyson without his friend Kenny. He is absolutely one of the requirements in the series. - divphygamer

Every team needs a strategy maker. If he would not been in team, the would not been able to make their way to finals in their first attempt.also they would not been able to win for the first time without him

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13 Madoka Amano

Absolutely she is a really nice person

She's a very cool character, and better than kenny

Madoka is very sweet and loyal, always ready to help!

Me: Oh no my Bey is broken!
Madoka: Don't worry, I'll fix it!
Me: Thanks.

My fave character!

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14 Hilary Tachibana

I love you, Hilary. You are so beautiful and cute. I know she is not in the list cause she is not a blader. Anyways Lots of Love for Kai and Hilary. Kai and Hilary suit the most...

Hillary is a pretty girl in Beyblade...

She reminds me of Hermione Granger.

In spite of not being a beyblader, hilary is really useful. She is smart, intuitive and a great strategist.

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15 Zeo Zagart

If I am Kai Then my First Choice is to Battle With Zeo And Destroy Serburus Forever And Steel From Zeo To Teach Him A Lesson

Zeo is cool, I really like him and I would like to see him as a character in G-Revolution too.

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16 Kane Kane Glenn Thomas Jacobs is an American professional wrestler, insurer, and actor. He works for WWE, and is best known by his ring name Kane. V 4 Comments
17 Bryan Kuznetsov

Pretty badass...

18 Ozuma

All the times tyson lost in v force it was against ozuma also he is such a badass.

Ozuma is the coolest Beyblade character. He is a badass with a Nice voice. Love his personality.

Ozuma has the most perfect bit beast and attacks ever

My role model is ozuma

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19 Kenta Yumiya V 2 Comments
20 Toby

He has one of the best beys ever twisted tempo he can destroy anthing.

Toby is an amazing blader. He would be a great friend! He always supports you, I mean, he kept encouraging Zeo to do his best even though he was a really bad blader, and look where he is now! Zeo's an AMAZING BLADER!

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