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A couple of days ago I bought galaxy s2. One of the best smart phones I have ever seen. Brilliantly fast smart phone. One of the best experiences I have ever had. Samsung all the way
Samsung Galaxy S II is the best smartphone of all time I dare to say that. What I meant is that the year 2011 it came out, it surpassed all other smartphones easily with its remarkable and AWESOME speed, stunning OLED screen, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL design and shape and so many more. I'm not exxagerating here. It's a matter of FACT. The Lite'ning Rom, Wuhh. A major impact on the galaxy s2. I can say that its lightning fast and very stable. Even the Apple iPhone 5 can't match the speed of the beast galaxy s2. Seriously, it was tested and proven. Consider it, future smartphones nor from Samsung, HTC, Apple whatsoever cannot fight the victory did by the galaxy s2 during it did in its generations.
Samsung Galaxy S-II is the king of all the other smartphones till date. I got to hear that, Galaxy S-I is going to released soon. If it is so, then its gonna be the killer of all the other smartphones out there. Samsung Forever..
[Newest]It is the best samsung even has a charging pod AWESOME!

Where do I start, if I was to choose any smartphone it would defiantly be an Apple because the quality is excellent and great apps that are privately made. Do not choose other cheap alternatives like Samsung especially that steal the ideas from apple and try to compete in their market by stocking very similar items that are terrible. When I say an Apple phone is simple I mean nothing can go wrong while using this phone/brand while other brands like Samsung & Htc are cheap gadget phone that are slow and un reliable. Don't make the wrong choice
iPhone has the best touch screen in the world... very sensitive not like others... especially blackberry... it sucks and ugly
iPhone makes the same phone with same features only the difference I saw was it was getting bigger
Apple is much ahead than Samsung... I personally do not like Android layout at all, and the only good part in it is the part they copied from Apple... They may have many kinds of phones but iPhones are classic and much better. Other Samsung products are amazing is a different thing but iPhones have better quality better apps. Plus Samsung phones are too huge and their outer design is also not too attractive. iPhone 5c has a lot of colours but samsung wont improve at all... We just have a perspective that they rock. I believe Apple is the best and after that comes Nokia Lumia... Have you noticed the amount of improvement they made. I don't think you should judge Smartphones by their quality but about the scope of improvement they make after every version. Well in that case Nokia will be the best but even after judging quality Apple is before Samsung! I am sorry if I hurt anyonnes opinions about these phones but this according to me is the truth! I suggest you should vote for Apple don't comment just vote but see how much better Apple is that a lazy person like me writes these comments there must be something amazing about Apple so hit the vote button... If not at least vote for NOKIA!
How are they much ahead? Samsung actually has more market share and they are much more innovative than that crappy iPhone
[Newest]Apple is the best I have ever come across. It doesn't hang and it is loads better than samsung
More comments about Apple

Definitely the best, despite a few faults to the 2011 models. The HTC One series, especially the top-end flagships are the most beautiful smartphones ever. Apple and Samsung take no risks and bring out the same phones every year that have minimal changes. HTC always do a complete change. Someone try to find a substantial difference between the S3 and the S4, or the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. See there are none. But find a difference between the One X and the One, there are many, including physical design and general beauty. The One is the first phone to be completely made of Aluminium and all that, also invented Ultrapixels.
I've had the sensation and now the inspire and they are both amazing! I am forever an HTC buyer!
HTC Sensation XL with Beat Audio... Two Thumbs Up!
[Newest]HTC is one of the most innovative and beautiful phone companies in the world.

Even before I use sonyerricson great picture resolutions, smooth quality of softwares and they always aim for the best phone with each release.
Sony is great! I recommend Sony to those who like to play games, listen music and watch movie through the phone! If you are a young and playful teenager or youth, Sony's phones are really a great for you!
Sony should be Top 3, have you seen their features and HD video and camera, and they even have Quad cores and 1.5GHz Snapdrago, Qualcom, Adreno, plus there smart phones are water proof, actually they should be at 2, because iPhone only has dual core, even iPhone 5 dual core, that sucks right, tsk tsk... People just buy the Status symbols, they don't use it properly..
[Newest]Sony is the best smart phone

It is the best company because of their service.
LG must be the number 1:
With its leading exquisite and superb approach to the CLASH of SMARTPHONES, however, is an cost-effective and a highly-proficient. Compared to others out there that doesn't know how to EXQUISITENESS.
LG, is the brand that you will surely devote and crave for, if you will see it's uniqueness than other SMARTPHONES who offer BIG PRICE but not that worth it. LG is a smart buy. Think WISELY!
Good software and with snapdragon and in reasonable price
[Newest]Lg for special features an innovation

Nokia! Move forward! Try more! I believe I can see this brand go further in the future. I'd still like the N9 and the Asha 311. The Lumia's look is not bad. Just keep improving, overcome this challenge leave behind all the waste.
Nokia may have loosen the game, but they are still on track, no brand was ever able to put vibrant colors to phone without forsaking the look of quality to the phone, you can drop your lumia at 5ft without worries, but with other brands, it will need repair. No brand can give you such quality photo, no dual core phone is as fast as nokia lumia 520, graphics are superb, solidity is superlative, you know you are holding a quality phone when you touch a nokia device.
Nokia is the best smartphone ever, I used nokia phones for more than seven years, my last phone last for for three years and now it still working... Nokia really rocks...
[Newest]Nokia is the best unique smartphone...

I tested many android and windows devices, but I experienced good with blackberry. I never experienced better sound quality in any other devices. BlackBerry cannot compared with any other devices, its special. My first smartphone was BlackBerry and my last smartphone also will be BlackBerry.
The first always will be the first, blackbery invented the smartphone, and he has been faithful to its vision of being the creator of its own operating system
Beats everyone with the uniqueness!
[Newest]Because this is faster and different from others

Motorola is by far the best smartphone brand in the world! They are very innovative and are the best looking phones out there! Go motorola!
I always use MOTOROLA phone, because it functions are very interesting for me. So I uses MOTOROLA definitely. It nothing like others
MOTOROLA should be placed at the top spot as they are the hotspots when comes to technology and innovation. Not only their brand speaks even their devices do!
[Newest]Motorola is the best!

The technology is available to all the players. The difference comes from how you use it to optimally cater the needs and wants of the customer in a reliable way. That's what makes Micromax stand out and essentially what catapulted it into the hall of fame with the bigwigs. Way to go. Micromax. The star of rapidly growing markets.
Highly satisfied after using the micromax phone. It is going to be a best Indian smart phone company. All the best
Micromax is better smartphone brand in India and this is low price phones with best quality
[Newest]I always use Micromax canvas spark phone, because it functions are very interesting for me. So I uses Micromax definitely.

Google is the owner of android how come it is over here it should be number 1
Google play edition phones, how can you get any better

The Contenders

Love asus padfone their catching up. Just give them a little more time to keep produce and selling more, espacially if it comes the United States of America I sure it will sell, and if they also make ads.
I think its feature is good and soon Asus will come in the top ten mobile maker
I think nice phones

Alcatel should be the third because it has cool and new features than the rest from 3rd to the last. It also has many invented phones so it deserves to be in the third place
Alcatel is better than nokia mann
KUDOS to alcatel one touch glory 2

Nexus should be number 1
Nexus 6 is much better than iPhone 6
No way "NEXUS" should be #1
I've always keep on eye of this phone since nexus 5!

The best mobile I ever had I have been using mobile since 1999 but lenovo is the best mobile I had until this in my life awesome duet...
Best phone ever! S960 technology almost same as apple, Lenovo should be in top 5
Lenovo is the best.
[Newest]Lenovo smart phones are truly smart in every sense of the word"smart"

Its hilarious that people voted Huawei below Micromax! And even Asus!
Off this record, I own a Huawei ascend mate and I must tell you its been one year from the launch I just got my 3rd firmware update Jelly bean 4.2.2. No hardware problem yet and trust me I am literally throw away and drop the phone sometimes. Although my friend got the phone's screen broken but got it replaced under warranty without any hustle in just 4 days. Amazing service
I'm using it now to type out my message -sorry I didn't make the top ten, but it's still a manageable phone to use
I thing it better than micromax
[Newest]Huawei is better than Samsung



Best fone for the price.. Awesome display.. But very low speakers.. Low quality earphone out..
Super mobile I'm using these mobile only
Its best for its quality
[Newest]The best brand ever

Very unique and cool.
Best company but request fastest update please
Worlds best features all the way
[Newest]Your camera clarity is superb

Come on guys these growing companies can achieve great potential in the Smartphone market today. ZTE devices offer great value for money that can be very competitive in the market today. I do belive they are going to step up their game soon to beat the Big manufacturers like Sam-Plastic and Pineapple!
Find lots of features in low cost,
Lot of features, BUT:a real weak CPU, to pull it. DO NOT BUY! I have cooked one, warranty folks sent me a new one and in 3 months it overheated and died the same way!

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