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21Outro: Propose
22Hold Me Tight

I love everything in this song, emotions, raps, vocals, lyrics, its just perfect and V help in the production of the song, so... PERFECT.

In my opinion, best song along with Butterfly and House of Cards.

I really love this song, you can feel the emotions and the fact that taehyung is one of the writer of this makes it very special to me

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23Fallen Leaves

This is my favourite song along with I need u... you can feel the intensity of their feelings oozing out and it makes me feel sad and empty but in a nice way

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24Silver Spoon

This song is catchy and has a beat you'll be humming all day. The lyrics are like a middle finger to societal hierarchy. All the vocals sound great, though the rap dominates the song.
Deserves to be way higher on this list.

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25No More Dream

A very nice debuts I've ever seen.

This is one of the strongest debuts I've ever seen.

No More Dream is such a fun song! One of THE strongest debuts in the KPop industry! It is a great song to dance to, and each one of the members did such a great job singing/rapping. I highly reccomend this song and video. In the video, the dancing choreography is mind blowing! Love this song, BTS fighting!

Why them debut song is very underrated in this list? This song is superb

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26Attack On Bangtan

Even I don't know the meaning of the song, this always make me have a spirit in the morning to wake up :3

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This song is very beautiful and sweet

"Baby, you're as sweet as a cafe latte", I love this song so much. It has a beautiful and sweet melody. I love Jhope's part and V's voice is just adghhgg

I love soft voice from jungkookie and jimin, also jin and taetae... The rap from rapper line is good too. love


What can I say to this song? I love everything in this song from the song, lyrics, and MV!

This song is favorite. Why this is just 27? Should be voted!

They are so cute in this MV! I love kookie and taehyung here! This song is so catchy and build your spirit! Vote! This need to be in TOP 10!

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29Born Singer

I feel like even though it was only a cover song but contained different lyrics, I find it very inspirational and poignant!

I really like this songs one of my favorites

This song proves that BTS is multitalent and good at cover too. They should cover many song next time

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It's such a beautiful song and BTS sings it with so much emotion, you can feel it even if you don't know the meaning

Rain touches my heart, and fills me with warmth. The singing melts me, and it's a bit sad.

Unlike their usual style but the song can really provide warmth. very nice to listen to

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My favorite bts song, it's so catchy and it gets me pumped- Trenton Hawn

Best Non-Title Song By BTS I Think

Ths is their catchiest! This song make me get spirits when I'm wake up.

32Second Grade

This song is very catchy for me. And I love the lyrics. Especially Rapmonster's part (RM bias lol)

33Miss Right

This is such a good song! When I first heard it, I thought the chorus would be over after the first part, but then it went to the second part and it was just really unique sounding somehow. The raps are all nice, and when performed live, Jimin's voice is incredible during the chorus!

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34AwakeV1 Comment
35BTS Cypher, Pt. 3: KILLER

This song kills me every time I listen to it... A fan favourite so I'm super surprised it isn't on this list yet. Well, it is now!

36Converse High

I like this song. And I like the title who converse consums here?

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This needs to be way higher on the list, for sure. Who's with me?!

The lyrics are so good, and the boys' voices all sound amazing here!

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38Ma CityV1 Comment

This song is underrated but it's honestly so amazing! the song is about them leaving the home they had as trainees and moving to a bigger and better place, but they had a lot of memories in their trainee home and they dwell on it in this song. the song is mostly rap, and a very calming chorus that I could listen to anyday.
hwaiting, bangtan!

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40We On

An amazing song with amazing meaning to it!

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