Top 10 Goalkeepers of 2013

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The Top Ten

Amer Shafia
Plays on Jordan national team best Asian and Middle East goalkeeper
He is the best goalkeeper ever
He's definitely one of the top 5 in the world and number 1 in Asia.
[Newest]Who even is he surely neuter is better than him

2Iker Casillas
Iker casillas is the best goalkeeper in real madrid, spain he is fast. ,.
After the match, he received praise from fellow Spanish goalkeepers and England goalkeeper Gordon Banks, who stated "Casillas' reflexes are incredible. If he continues to play this well he will become one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the game.
Saint iker Casillas won the World Cup with Spain in 2010, making two crucial saves in the final in one-on-one situations against Arjen Robben. He also won the European Championship in 2008 and 2012. He has won the IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper award four times.
[Newest]Best goalkeeper in the world! Amazing reflexes!
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3Manuel Neuer
Manuel Neuer is a very good goalkeeper I know I don't watch much of him but he is a very good goalkeeper I was watching the UFC league at Wembley and he was a very good goal keeper I saw the Bundesliga Bayern Munich VS Shalke 04 and he was rocking the house and a lot of friends from my school tell me his a entertaining and amazing goalkeeper that's why I think he should be best
He is the best because Bayern Munchen is the best...
Is this serious? He must be on first place, best goalkeeper right now Casillas and the other ones they are not even close to Neuer, that's a shame! I've expected more from people that should know something about football!
[Newest]Best player 1 all day every day

4Petr Čech
Petr cech does well every year like in the champions league he smashed bayerns munichs faces.
He best and always has been, all round game is top notch compared to those like Casillas, stick Casillas in the Premier League he would look on par with Tim Howard. Petr Cech then Gianluigi Buffon, different level.
He should be at number 1.
[Newest]I rest my case
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5Gianluigi Buffon
Rated as one of the best in the world. Has taken both club and country to new heights compared to what other goal keepers may have done.
Buffon is a Legend! He should be in the top!
This man is unreal... Having to be the best goalkeeper for 10 years!. I think he should be number 1 of all times... I understand that casillas is first because of him wining the world cup but other than that he can't be compared to the legendary gianluigi buffon!
[Newest]The best any team could ever have...

6David de Gea
I think that David de gea is better than Brad friedel+pepe reina
Good choice for the young keeper. The best under 22 goalkeeper, by 10000 miles. The 6ft4in shot-stopper is the youngest on this list at 21 years of age. The Red Devils shot-stopper saved a penalty from Robin van Persie last August in a 8-2 victory over Aresnal.
I guess he is the successor of Sir Edwin Van der sar
[Newest]He is going to be casillas replacement in Spain.
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7Joe Hart
Great keeper, together with city's not so awesome defense(although also very nice one) conceded few goals, and a great man
Deserves place after buffon, cech, casillas
The best keeper in the world right now. He is stable at Manchester City and England's national team. He has been one of the best in recent years and in the coming years, he will be easily the best of all the times.
[Newest]#1 joe hart peter check sucks

8Victor Valdes
Victor Valdes keeps his eyes on the ball at all times. He can dive amazingly far. He will always catch the ball. He always tricks an opponent into shooting off target. Victor Valdes is amazing.
He is aggressive and he had some great moves, which proves that he is a fcbarcelona's star player
Valdes has excellent dives and outstanding saves. If there's a goalie on sale, Valdes is the one!
[Newest]Victor Valdes is good, but lately has had a lack of holding on to the ball

9Hugo Lloris
I think his the best goalkeeper in the world his reflexes and I think he will be succesful at tottenham and france he know he is in the part when france when out from the group stage of fifa world cup but I bet he will improve his goalkeeper next year in fifa world cup 2014 in brazil and he will try to make france to go in to the world cup final and in the future he will be the best goalkeeper in thw world
1) More international experience and Champion's League experience than Neuer, Hart, and others.
2) Awesome reflexes!
3) Great anticipation!
4) His challenges and output on the feet are excellent.
Super reactions, amazing saves! Tottenham are lucky to have him!
[Newest]Best goalkeeper ever seen!

10Julio Cesar
I think he's the best in the world because he had good blocks
He is the best goalkeeper I had ever seen
Number 1 goalkeeper
He is a brazilian
Casillas, valdes, buffon, de gea all are waste he is the best
I am Surprise to see him at 21! He is really a number one goal keeper in the world! He did a great Job at Confederation Cup
[Newest]I think Cesar is the number 1!

The Contenders

11Pepe Reina
He is in liverpool and I sport liverpool
His got something better that no other keeper in the world has the best distrubution
He is good in everything but penaties he must improve
[Newest]One of the best

12Fernando Muslera
Unreal reflexes and very good technique for a goalkeeper.
Muslera is the best he has great reflexes
He's the best keeper.
[Newest]Best Goalkeeper in Turkey. Great Reflexes

13Thibaut Courtois
He's just the best in spain.
Mind my words... Gonna be the best keeper in the world in a few years!
He is without a doubt already one of the top 5 best keepers in the world at the moment!
He is jong, and he is all ready the best goalkeeper in spain. He is every game oneof the best players on the field.
[Newest]Oh damn, accidently voted for Cech my 2nd favourite.

14Diego López Rodríguez
He is head killer gk
He is a good goalie for Real Madrid.
Lopez is a great keeper and players of Real Madrid which is pretty good.In fifa 14 by ea sports Lopez is a great keeper!

15Edwin van der Sar
The best goal keeper I like
What he doesn't deserve to be 36 he should be at least 12
He's the best goal keeper!
[Newest]He's the greatest ever I have seen

16Wojciech Szczesny
He is way better than de gea
He is the best goal keeper in the world if it wasn't for arsenal to have him they probably wouldn't be as good as they am now
No neuer deserves it
[Newest]He's the best in the world, the only reason he's not compared to Neuer is because the Arsenal defense isn't good

17Samir Handanovic
He's amazing, he saved inter from losing in many games and he's is great with the national team as well
Best goalkeeper in 2013
One of the greatest penalty stoppers in the world
[Newest]I agree best keeper better then victor valdes

18Guillermo Ochoa
-Amazing reflexes
-Can easily cover the entire post.
-performs excellent against quality teams.
Should be in the top 10. Saved Ajaccio from being relegated twice and performs well especially against top teams. Considering the team he has I think he's doing extremely well.
He's in MY top ten best goalkeepers and one of the most interesting to watch play. He goes hard. Beast.
[Newest]Stop everything Brazil shot at him. Upcoming Goalie for the years to come.

19Peter Schmeichel
You got it all wrong peter is the best in the world
The best goalkeeper Man Utd have ever had. Better than everyone on the list
If de gea is fifth who is not as good as Peter was back in the day. I reckon he should be first or second, he was unstoppable at united

20Roman Weidenfeller
I wonder why he is ranked so low. He is maybe the best goalkeeper in the world, but his big problem is, that joachim low does not like him, so he never played for the german national team.
No wonder he is Dortmund's first choice goalkeeper. He should be on the top 10.
He is Dortmund champions league best player

21Itumeleng Khune
Itumeleng Khune deserves to be in the top ten, because the way he handled Brazil was out of this world, he is indeed the best goal keeper and the number 1 goal keeper in south africa
Ball distribution is out of this world, the way he commands his defense is superb no doubt why he is South Africa's number 1
The best in africa... Number 1 goalie in South Africa
[Newest]If ever there was the greatest best He is it!

22Maarten Stekelenburg
He was the best
He made some azmaing saves

23Asmir Begovic
Brilliant reflexes, diving ability, good and strong in the air, commanding, kept stoke in the league this season, unbelieveble goalkeeper.
He's been one of the best goalkeepers in the premier league this season.
Most goals saved in all of 2013
[Newest]He scored 13 seconds into the game! I would like to see another keeper beat that!

24Mark Schwarzer
A consistent and reliable Goalkeeper. Best in Oz.

25Kawin Thammasatchanan
Called Flying Kawin Thai top goalkeeper

26Simon Mignolet
He is Best goalkeepers in 2013
He now plays for Liverpool and is superb, he made a mind- blowing save against Indonesia XI and I see him as the future number 1 for Belgium and first choice LFC keeper.
He should be 3rd best
[Newest]Great made to is And To Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is And And Is Is Is And Is And Is Is And Is And Is And Is And Is To To

27Tim Krul
Outstanding shot stopper, great communicator and leader, still young, will be world number 1 within the next 5 years
The best in the prem, no doubt
He will be the best one day

28Igor Akinfeev
He a very good goalkeeper
He is a Leader of his teams. High skilled and brave.
This guy can dive very well. Technically-sound, brave, and hard-working, Akinfeev is one of the best keepers I've watched in recent years.

29Essam El Hadary
The strongest guard in Africa and among the world's best guards
One of The best keepers in the world. Mot only Africa

30Tim Howard
On my Fifa 14 he made the ultimate team he is very very good goalkeeper on that and I made very good shots but I missed, ecause he is so amazing.! :) should be in top ten!
Not only does he consistantly prove he's one of the best in any Everton match but he's the only reason why the USA can hang with the big boys of the international game on any given day.
Watch everton and you would know why this guy should be considered top 10
Best ever. He has broke a record!

31Artur Boruc
One of the best in the Serie A and Premier League. Reliability, composure and good reflex!
Just gets better and better. Reflexes and positional sense excellent. Saves are top drawer.

32Volkan Demirel
I haven't seen a goalkeeper like him. Aggressive, determined and a leader.
Best goalkeeper in turkey

33Kurnia Meiga Hermansyah
Kurnia Meiga is the best goalkeeper in INDONESIA, Southeast Asia and one of the best in the continent of Asia. Kurnia Meiga have very good reflexes. Kurnia Meiga better than Victor Valdes.
He is the best in Indonesia. He blocked Van Persie attack

34Marc-André ter Stegen
He should be number 1 he is better that anyone in the world
Borussia Mönchengladbach's outstanding goalkeeper deserves first place!


He is outstanding he deserves to be #1

35Anders Lindegaard
Whats he doing here he should be 150


He saved 12 shots in one game
He's an amazing goalkeeper!

36Ben Foster
Very underrated goalie. Better than Joe Hart!
Great goalie. One of the main reasons West Brom are doing so well in the EPL this year

37Onur Kıvrak
He's one of the best talents as goal keeper. He should be in the first 20.
The best goalkeeper in Turkey
It's sure that Onur KIVRAK is the best goalkeeper in Turkey. And probably, he is also in the list of "The Best 20 Goalkeeper in the World".
[Newest]Come on...60? Are you kidding me?

38Rui Patrício
One of the 10 best goalkeepers in the world, don't know why Victor Valdes is in a better position than Rui Patricio.
Also at only the age of 24 he has already been on several European competitions and is currently the main goalkeeper in the portuguese national team.
Non the less, he's grown into an amazingly secure and confident goalkeeper between the posts, though he lacks a bit when leaving that position in mid air fights. He's been improving on that aspect for a long time which only at this young age is incredibly impressive!
He is in number 17 in fifa ranking so he should be higher in the list
Amazing 1 on 1 and reflexes. Really good shot stopper. One of the 15 Best keepers in EU at only 24.

39Wayne Sandilands

40Vincent Enyeama
He is trully the best, nigerian number one and africa's best, he made an outstanding performance at the nations cup, trully a goalkeeper that needs no introduction, the best among all, a shot stopper with good reflexex, dives far and always saves the ball, stoped messi from scoring against nigeria during the 2010 world cup, trully a goalkeeper to be reckoned with
Vincent Enyeama is currently the best in the world
He was at the brink of breaking the French all-round record, so important to his club lille that the had to extend his contract to 2017. He had a great 2013, winning for country and club. If the global football spotlight wasnt focus on European keepers this guy would've been the best keeper for 2013
[Newest]Best keeper in the world

41Tolga Zengin
He have really good character, he is goalkeeper of Besiktas right now.
Amazing character and talent

42Jussi Jaaskelainen

43Mahmoud Banat

44Fabien Barthez
Best goalkeeper in the history, not just football history, best human being to ever step on the planet!

45Ciprian Tatarusanu
Best goalkeeper steaua-ajax tatarusanu's saves awesome
Best Romanian goalkeeper in the 21st century!

46Robert Green
Great goalkeeper, one that you would always rely on!
Robert Green scored an own goal vs USA. He sucks

47Brad Friedel
Yes he is amazing I totally agree with the person that put this up, why isn't he the priminister?

48Salvatore Sirigu
They call him the wall. They're right. SIRIGU SIRIGU SIRIGU
He is definitely one of the top 20 best goalkeepers in the world.

49Jose de Jesus Corona
Corona is the best he is way better than casillas.
It's so shocking to see how underrated he is


50Nicola Leali

51Andreas Isaksson

52Senzo Meyiwa
He played a crucial role for Orlando Pirates as they reached the final of the continental tournament.
He can save five out of seven penalties

53Michel Vorm
Michael Vorm is named the penalty killer because he's excellent at stopping penalties. Vorm easily desereves to be in the top 10 goalkeepers.
His reflexes are excellent!
Is 1 the best keepers in premier league to date outstanding for swans
Vorm is without a doubt the best goalkeeper with his feet, what becomes more and more important at modern football. Besides that, his reflexes are amazing. His confidence at the pitch is a great help to his defenders.
Hollands nr1 and the best option for Barcelona if Valdes is leaving..

54Fraser Forster
He will be one of the greatest goalkeeper on Celtic becouse he plays on Champions League and Brad Friedel, Go DOWN!

55Morgan De Sanctis

56Máximo Banguera
The best goalkeeper from ecuador

57Jasper Cillessen

58Mario Felgueiras

59Gabriel Bordinhao Gasparatto

60Kevin Trapp
The best goal keeper in the bundesliga

61Alessio Cragno
He is interesting prospect, and he produces awesome saves, even for his 18 years of age. He has been linked with moves to Inter and Juve

62Alphonse Aréola
FILIPINO-French goalie "The best saver"

63Abbas Hassan
Best goalkeeper in the world!

64Darren Randolph
Best Goalkeeper in SPL for past two years.
Has beaten Fraser Forster two years out of two.
Plays with Motherwell FC.

65Mehdi Rahmati
The best goalkeeper I LIKE
He is the best goalkeeper in Asia444444
Best Goalkeeper In The World
[Newest]He is the eagle of Asia

66Ali Alhabsi
Ali is the best in Asia
Best one in asia and arab
Best goalkeeper in asia
One of the best in the premier league

67Khairul Fahmi Che Mat
The best goalkeeper from malaysia...

68Diego Alves
Come on, on FIFA he has 90 diving, 90 reflexes and many other great stats!
Deserves to be in at least top 25.

69Ramzi Saleh
The best goalkeeper you ever seen
Playing in alwehdat team for the palestanian refugee in jordan

70Shay Given

71Steve Mandanda

72Julian Speroni

73José Manuel Pinto

74Belal Alsuht

75Nicky Salapu

76Oliver Kahn
Come on! Why is one of the Best Goalies ever only on 94?

77Rais M'bolhi
Never heard of him but he sounds cool.
Rais mbohli is the amazing Algerian goalkeeper if you look at Algeria 1 vs 2 Germany, he made spectacular saves against lahm, muller, gotze and even schweinsteiger so he is truly the best goalie I have ever seen

78Lev Yashin
Best goalkeeper ever saved over 150 penalties and is the only goalkeeper to win the ballon D'or

79Erwin Mulder
Holland guy, he plays for feyenoord and he's the best in reflex and diving

80Adam Kwarasey
He's a very good goalie He at least deserves to be around 30 but he's not my favorite keeper

81Mohammed Hameed
Iraqi goal keeper..he is the leader od iraqi football team under 19.and he got with iraq the 4th grade in fifa world cup under 20 in Turkey

82Luis Ernesto Michel
He plays in Chivas (Mexico) he is one of the best

83Mert Gunok
The number one in tukije

84Silvio Proto
He is best in belgium pro leuge

85Brad Jones

86Hope Solo
Why is she not on the list? She is one of the main reasons the US Women's soccer team won the gold at the Olympics.
She is hot and the best

87Zeki Ayvaz

88Caleb Garcia
I watched him in training at a park in Tucson... Fantastic reflexes and extremely fast

89Nilson Coreia
Berzilan goalkeeper of Perspolis with 8 goal in 20 match.

90Federico Marchetti
Best GK in Serie A
Should be #1
Great diving

91Keylor Navas
Look up his recent saves in la Liga on YouTube, he's been #1 in Spain for several consecutive weeks now, watch out for him in a top tier team post World Cup.
He is on the top 3 on the BBVA league! Check it out...

92I Made Wirawan

93William Yarbrough
Only the best goalkeeper in the world

94Ebuka Okeke
Marvelous in front of ball. The one who can stop penalty and stop unforeseen goals

95Jesús Corona
The best goalkeeper of Mexico and the CONCACAF.

96José Francisco Cevallos

97Joel Robles
Amazing Everton keeper who is somehow out of the starting 11 cause of Howard.

98Diego Benaglio

99Jan Oblak
The best in Portugal the last season

100Tom Starke
He is a very good goalie for Germany and Bayern Munich.

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