Top Ten Best 3rd Generation K-Pop Girl Groups

This list base on my opinion. I tried to rank best kpop girl group who debuted since 2011 - now. If you don't agree with the list than you can create another list.__.

The Top Ten

1 Red Velvet

Love them or hate them they deserve to be number 1 here

Vocal and concept queens

They very talented group

Concept queens

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2 Apink

Apink is like fresh air, clean water, flower fields, and love. Their music and personalities are invaluable and precious beyond words.

I really like apink, they doesn't care about their image. They are cool

Yes! No. 1 is Apink!
I'm a fans of them and they do such a great job since their debut! Eunji are the most active in drama, she casted in a famous drama such as Reply 1994 and The Winter That Wind Blows! And they received much love from people since NoNoNo! It make them include in 'Top 10 Girl Group' nowadays. I believe that they will work more harder and gain much more popularity

I was surprised to see Apink as 1st since we have Twice and Blackpink as well but this makes me so happy as a Panda! I love them so much and they deserve to be placed as number 1 because of how care free they are. I love how their music is so different to their personality because their music always somehow brings my mood up~ They never fail to bring a smile on my face lol.
Part time Idol, full time comedians

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Because why not?

Ultimate band

I love AOA. When I first say Seolhyun on a fancam of Confused, I watched it over and over maybe 100 times. I could not believe anyone could be so beautiful and naturally sexy, with seemingly no effort. That is just the way she was. Then I saw her in Excuse Me and I noticed she was in a I watched the group video -- they were all so beautiful and talented! So, I am hooked on AOA :-)

Since 'Miniskirt', they got more famous rapidly. In 2014, they appeared on T.V. more often than before. They appeared in drama, variety, CF, rap contest, even one of the member Seolhyun is a cast in a movie (i forgot the title but I know that Seolhyun take a role in this movie with Lee Min Ho)

4 G-Friend

They are also Dance Queens

Gfriend is the best

the BEST

LIVE SINGING PRINCESSES ( they only lipsync if they need to save their voices )


5 BESTie

Every member is talented and they have also great music to be in a small company.

6 Lovelyz

Comeback faster! I miss you!

I think Lovelyz have it all in terms of talent, personality and visuals. Maybe they don't have the catchiest songs and many people see them as just a 'cutesy' girlgroup but once you get to know them and watch them on music shows you can see they all have a variety of personalities and it's never boring with them!

I'm a Lovelinus


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7 Twice Twice

They're honestly one of the best right now. You can clearly see how much they've work their asses off to be on top. Their MVs are so catchy, their choreo can be easily done when it comes to all ages, their voices keep improving and their personalities are so great or maybe beyond that. Their visuals are just extra.

Twice should be number two or one

The cute and funny

the best

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I know they got famous rapidly since "up and down" and I think they will got more famous.

Best girl group ever! I live for them

Best girl group of 3rd generation!

They have the best vocals in any kpop girl grouo atm

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9 Black Pink

BLACKPINK are such pure talents - animefox000

BLACKPINK charm is no joke



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10 The Ark

Yes! The Ark! Even they were debuted not long ago, but they are really great! I fell in love with their debut song "The Light" (recommended song for those who haven't listen to this song yet).

I can feel it, The Ark will slay someday in the right time

The Contenders

11 Mamamoo

Immortal Songs performances. Imagine how many idol groups have taken home the trophy from that show when up against the incredible singers on there. Not gonna lie, I'd have voted for their opponent on a couple of their wins. Unmatched stage presence and criminally under-rated by the public, just like several other groups I can name. Nice to see Bestie up in a poll like this, it sucks that they disbanded.

National Girl Crushes (should I say the international too? yes! ), seriously, this group is amazing. Vocal skill, stage performances, amazing skill in variety shows, you would love them. Who can resist this super talented girl group?

Damn the best girl crush group, great vocalist and good performer

The best vocal group ever! You can’t fight me on that. True artists

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12 Crayon Pop
14 Dreamcatcher

They have an unique concept and all the members are talented. Their songs are art and the girls are visual goals. Also their choreos are intense and beautiful to watch.

They are all great singers and three out of the seven are awesome rappers. They are unique to Kpop where there are a lot of cookie cutter groups.

15 Oh My Girl

They are a bunch of cute girls that'll make you fall in love at first sight and their songs are catchy

Full package of talents

This group and bLackpink, are the only groups where all of them are pretty

16 (G)I-DLE

(G)-idle deserves to make it big. They got the talent and the visuals down, I hope people start noticing them.

Frick yes

17 Cosmic Girls

They are so talented. But obviously never get famous. I hope they will as succesful as Sistar,

18 Pristin

They are really talented girls with great song I hope they comeback son

They are really talented

19 CLC


They are all so talented they have two of kpops best dancers, vlogging and artist queen, kpops best female rappe, an actress, vocal legend, and a multitalented actor+pole dancer and above all they have really great teamwork and are extremely funny

CLC can do everything, trust me :) I mean, they're such a talented group but also underrated.

20 DIA
21 Loona

Stan loona stan talent

22 Gugudan Gugudan

Really hard working

23 April

They got 6 members

Chaewon is a great singer

24 I.O.I I.O.I

Can’t forget about the original P101 group! I.O.I is amazing all around and still relevant even after disbanding <3

25 Weki Meki Weki Meki

SUCH A TALENTED GROUP. Look how flexible Lua is. Look how strong Lucy is. Look how our angel (Suyeon) when she sing is. Look how cute Sei is. Look our visual, QUEEN DOYEON! Yoojung's vocal, dance and rap. Rina's voice killing us. And also underrated member, Elly

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