Top Ten Asian TopTenners

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The Top Ten Asian TopTenners

1 ProPanda

Should be #1 in my opinion. He is very helpful and his critique is very good. - Swellow

Oh my god! NUMBER 1! You guys are the best! - ProPanda

ProPanda rocks - TwilightKitsune

Deserves #1 and is such a great friend to me and I'd argubaby day that he's the least strict critic out of everyone in our squad. - AlphaQ

2 velitelcabal

Deserves number 1 - Righteous

3 Ananya

Definitely the best - Righteous

My favorite user - christangrant

4 BlueFrostOfThunderClan

She deserves higher - zxm

She is nice.Always makes good comments. - catwalk

Seriously, this wass in my list draft! - ProPanda

5 zxm

He is a good user. He makes great lists about rock and metal. And I heard that he is a newcomer of this year. And earned so much points within a few months. - catwalk

Wow, I never expected him to achieve so much on TheTopTens. Even more than me. I envy how he's able to create so much content in just a short amount of time. I'm proud of him. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This dude is an awesome user! - ProPanda

He is good user and very nice too.

6 ModernSpongeBobSucks

I totally agree with his username and comments. - DontMakeARookieMistake

Best newcomer of this year - zxm

I honestly think he deserves number 1 - 445956

I am of Laotian heritage. My parents are from Laos and me and my sister were born here in the United States. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

By the way, if I confused anyone, Laos is a Southeast Asian country. I just wanted to get that out of the way in case people didn't know that Laos was a country located in Asia. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 keycha1n
8 Catacorn

Get her to the top 3! - ProPanda

9 LightningBlade

He's German mostly. But he is born and lives in Asia so maybe you could count him in.

I mean LightningBlade is the original Jerk4life - zxm

He's the highest earning member of his country. - zxm

Huh, Aaliyah's BOYFRIEND!

10 TwilightKitsune

She should be higher. Twilight is very kind. - Goku02

Thanks jerk4life - TwilightKitsune

Wait, is this true? - SpectralOwl

The Contenders

11 Fandom_Lover
12 Misfire

Who added me? Lol
You’re correct! I am Asian! - Misfire

That’s really cool. This wasn’t added by me though. - Userguy44

13 kontrahinsunu
14 Goku02

Ridiculous profile pic. But she seems funny

15 catwalk

Happy to see that you came on higher. - zxm

He/she doesn't make that much of lists but his/her lists are great,I love his/her lists especially deep voice singers - zxm

16 PeachyBlast

She's so friendly, funny and loveable. Peachy is a heavily underrated user. Get her higher! - Goku02

One of the most friendly user out there - Righteous

She deserves number 1. - Brobusky

She is so sweet and friendly. - Catacorn

17 subhashsahu
18 SamuiNeko
19 PerfectImpulseX

Technically, Iran is in Asia so I'm part-Asian. - PerfectImpulseX

20 ArigatoKawaii

She created the list.Has done a great job - catwalk

I like her.

21 0744rose

A sweet user - Righteous

22 Righteous

I love her username. Wow! She's lovely.

23 Neonco31
24 styLIShT

He is Indian
And get him higher

25 Not_A_Weeaboo
26 joshsanz
27 leafstar
28 TheFourthWorld
29 Princesssmooth
30 Undistinguished

He's one of the fewest users from my country who is still active. And hopefully he has good taste in music and knows a lot about music. Most users from this country gets an account and then makes one or two comments and then becomes permanently inactive. But he is still active. I hope he will keep on. While,I won't be here for long. So minus one cross for BD user - zxm

31 TriggerTrashKid
32 hatcher234
33 Aaliyah

She reminds me of ArigatoKawaii..

I love games list

34 awesomedp900
35 DarkBoi-X

He's one of the best - darthvadern

I'm Indian. - DarkBoi-X

36 Vegeta02
37 leafstar2

She's absolutely HILARIOUS when she is pretending to be rude! - Goku02

38 kormo
39 Erinaliese
40 Oliveleaf

I am adding myself to show I'm Asian. No other reason. - Oliveleaf

41 MLPFan

MLPFan is my bestie! - TwilightKitsune

42 Lighters
43 jack2244
44 Victory Boy

An Indian user who isn't a bot. - 445956

45 RedForFilth

Sorry not sorry that I am self promoting. - RedForFilth

46 Squidward48
47 FlareLightX
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