Top Ten Worst Zodiac Signs

What zodiac sign you have found difficult or unfair that you can't stand
The Top Ten
1 Cancer

This is one of those signs that I don't really like rather for the traits of the sign itself rather than the actual people born under this sign. It just portrays this sign as weak, when many Cancers I know are upbeat and not that sensitive. I like how this sign is about caring and being considerate. But being so emotionally insecure? That is the trait of only a really depressed person. It just seems miserable, and I know most Cancers are happy people and aren't this emotional. Again, no offense to anyone born under this sign, I just don't like the sign itself, not the people.

I'm a cancer and geez... I mean I don't think I'm that bad... am I? I mean I try to be as nice as possible... I hate being rude to people. (Or maybe that's just me...? ) I'm a simple girl and I'm dating a Leo (which is also a girl. I'm a lesbian) and geez I mean stop attacking the Leo's there not ALL that bad... people are people, don't rely on the day they were born on to say everything about them. I'm so nice because I've lost so many people in my life. The Leo that I'm dating is so nice and sweet, she's very beautiful and has a lot of friends. She may be the center of attention a lot but just saying, don't let the signs tell you exactly what there're like. Peolple have different childhoods and that affects who they are as a person way more than the day they were born on.

2 Scorpio

If you actually do your research before spewing your false opinions, you'd see that on the website Capricorn, Leo, and then Scorpio are the three signs that have the most psychopaths and serial killers reported throughout history. I just feel like if someone is going to comment on certain signs being more crazy than another, you should do correct research first before hating on another sign for unrealistic reasons. I'm just saying... lol.

I worked with a Scorpio guy once at the same job I work for now. He'd smoke dope and drink in his car in the parking lot outside of the store during his breaks every day which is illegal. He got into an argument with me one day because he wanted to not do his job and instead just mess around and not help me when he was asked to by my boss. He picked a fight with me and instead of coming at me, he decided to drive to my mother's house after work and bash out all the windows and she happened to be home. He threw one of her bricks at me when I drove up, it damaged my car door and also shattered the window. After that he threatened to beat me with it to death. I was 20 at the time and he was 25. My mother was scared, shocked, spooked, terrified, and afraid of him after that and ended up pressing charges.

They are nasty, rotten, inhuman, vicious, brutal, terrible, careless, and the most evil people who are dangerous to be around. I do not like them. The majority of them I've met are liars who talk crap about others behind people's backs. And I don't like their negative outlooks on life. I also don't like the fact that their are a lot of Narcissistic Manipulative Scorpios who do anything to get what they want.

3 Gemini

'Honest' liars. This describes their nature of lying all the time and making it seem like as if they are saying the truth. They use you for their own benefit. I guess they'll even laugh at a funeral. 'Players'. After using you, they will leave you after you depend on them and trust them like no other. They love annoying everyone around them for fun. They'll grate on till your last nerve. Never trust a Gemini. Word. I don't believe in zodiac signs but for a Gemini, I do, completely. Everything about them is true. I have a lot of Geminis around me and all of them are the same. Worst people ever.

The only reason geminis are at the top, is because Trump happened to be a gemini, and the reason people see geminis as so horrible is because you're clearly misunderstanding them. The truth is, they actually DO secretly care A LOT about people, they just don't know how to express their emotions since they're automatically more on the logic and intelligence side. And those "two faces" you see, actually represent that geminis can see MULTIPLE perspectives of one thing. They really don't hate anybody, but they are afraid of being hurt by other people, and they already have to deal with their own active mind every single day. They talk a lot because they really want people to understand them, but apparently they can't, which is pretty disappointing to me.

Of course not all Geminis are bad. But from my personal experience, geminis have become my friends, I start to really depend on them and at the time I didn't have very many friends. I was also going through quite a tough time. Then my gemini friend just ghosted me without telling me why and stopped talking to me for a long time. We still talk every now and then but leaving me like that while I was depressed and lonely forever changed my view on her. I am not going to say that gemini is a bad symbol. No symbol is really bad, but you may not like all the qualities they possess. This is just my personal experience with geminis, this does not apply to everyone. I know there are some great people with this symbol out there.

I love geminis! They are extremely nice why is this even in the top ten.
My friend is a gemini and when we first met she'd always sort of have this unique and cute smile on her face. Later on I figured that she knows a lot of people who also happen to be my friends and we became really close. She'd always stick up for me when I need her while everyone else would sorta abandon me. Really sweet and caring person. Glad geminis are here to make the world a better place! (I also know a ton more geminis and they all happen to be extremely friendly and funny. Never met a "two faced" gemini my whole life

4 Taurus

He makes everything negative, then turns it to extreme lengths, and then wonders why we havehad nothing in common. Because I don't think nor act that way, I'm a reasonable person with good vibes and good intentions unlike this dude.

These people, especially the males are absolute fecal matter! They only care about themselves and they crave validation. If the word narcissist had a picture, they would be it because EVERYTHING is about self. What kills me about those born under this sign is that they're ass backwards. They'll ignore the person they're dating, but places everyone else who uses them on a pedestal. The reason why these people are still stuck on square A because they don't know what they want. They are, indeed the definition of insanity because they constantly do things their way, which it's usually wrong and wonders why it's the same result. Oh, and Adolf Hitler was a Taurus, so...

5 Capricorn

As a Capricorn, I'm shocked to see my sign this far low. Well, reason one being that it's safe to say some are quite secretive. I for one am one of those that cloud up their feelings, until I snap at last. Some of my fellow sign people deny depression, but I sometimes or even rarely say I'm a very depressed kiddo. I thought it'd be obvious, which leads to the next reason why I'm shocked to see my sign at 12. Either some or most of my sign are know-it-alls, much like I can be one quite often. I would put Cancer lower and put my sign somewhere in or closer to the top 5 because my mum is like the shiniest type of golden mum when she's awake. She gives me the most uplifting mum-child relationship type ever, and I learned to BEHAVE from her when near her almost all the time. Unfortunately, I'm a complete know-it-all around everyone else and I can be a real needle in the haystack. That makes reason 3, which is that some Capricorns like me can be considered a huge nuisance due to how ...more

I'm a Cap male and these females are almost as bad as Pisces females but different. They aren't gold diggers but can act very masculine-ish sometimes. They can be very feminine looking on the outside and manners but are like dudes trying to fight you especially with them being one of the toughest females in the zodiac. Like Aries for example except that Aries females are much more feminine. These females tend to say some freezingly cold hearted comments too sometimes. They're also no nonsense business class. At the end of the day, they take home their "kill" and feed their whole family.

Absolute brats. So many of them aren't that smart despite the fact that they think they are. One of them tried to sabotage me, one of them is just annoying on a whole new level, another one called me ugly as if they actually looked any better and then there's me. I really hate my zodiac sign, it's just always 'ambitious', 'hardworking', 'serious'. But there's more to us and that's 'narcissist', 'hypocritical', 'feels the need to always make some comeback'. Us Capricorns are just idiotic people in general. If you don't believe me, then just take a look at Jake Paul.

What? Capricorns are actual hypocrites that are bossy, selfish and disappointing people. Make this zodiac sign higher than Taurus. Yes, all earth signs, except Taurus, are the worst people in existence. No offence, if you want to tease me as well. It's just that my brother is a Capricorn and he's just bossy as hell.

6 Virgo

Virgo males don't seem to be emotionally there for you. The women aren't any better with that. Virgos just come off to me as blah a lot of the times and uncaring, just my personal experiences anyway.

No offense to anyone who is born under Virgo, I have nothing against you because many people born under this sign are cool and are full of personality. But the thing that makes this my least favorite sign is rather the supposed traits of this sign rather than the people born under it. It makes the people with this sign seem boring, conservative, quiet, and weak, which is not true about many Virgos I met, who have way more personality than this. The sign just has really boring traits that are too innocent when most people are not that innocent. Compared to the rest of the Zodiac, it's a really bland sign. Part of what makes me dislike this sign is the fact that this is my Moon and Jupiter, which don't fit me at all.

Alright, kids. It's time you learn how to be nice to others.
I get it, a Virgo has broken your heart, mentally abused you, whatever. BUT that does NOT mean that all Virgos are like that.
I myself, am a Virgo and I believe I am a very good person. Shy, quiet, and I don't like drama.
Like someone else said, it does not matter when you were born to depend on how nice you are to other human beings. But I'm not saying that Virgos don't have their flaws, too. Because they do.
So stop posting awful comments about each other, because saying these things doesn't help a single Virgo out there.
Thank you for taking the time into reading my messages, and I hope you consider being kinder to one another.

I'm a Virgo and I wanted to say that most virgos are misunderstood. We don't mean to be cold and standoffish, we just don't want to shows our weaknesses and faults. Virgos want the best for the people they love, that's why we're perfectionists. Yes we may be akward and straightfoward, but still, I have never met a Virgo who tries to hurt other unless they totally deserved it.

7 Leo

Leo is known by many to be the most aggressive of the fire signs. Leo is the only sign I truly feel like has had obnoxious people in my life.

Leo's are by far the worst people I've had to deal with in my entire life. I was with a Leo once and he was lazy, didn't even work I worked to support the both of us, had other girls over when I was gone, did nothing but drink, his ego was bigger than his heart, always acted like he had no flaws and everything was everyone else in the world's fault but his. He was also a deadbeat who had 6 kids that he never paid child support for and had been to jail at least 3 times in the past because of that. I found out he assaulted an ex of his in the past that he had a baby with and when he started treating me the same way I just gave up on him and moved on. I've also known Leo's who are jerks and bullies but he's just an example of one of the Leo's I've had to put up with. From experience they're heartless, careless, rude, bipolar, egotistical, unloyal, and untrustworthy, and very stubborn.

8 Pisces

Sure, they're nice people and all. But, they complain about seemingly insignificant things, like say someone's profile pic, or a smear on their phone. They act like EVERYONE should know about every single one of their problems, and that everyone should love and care about them. They also whine and cry about no one caring about them. However, when you DO comfort them, they say, "You don't understand me. Go away," and cry about everything. Sensitive, whiny, and always making mountains out of mole hills.

I also don't understand why they manipulate people into loving them. They act sweet, shy, affectionate, luring people in with their lies. Then they cry about their problems. Usually they'll act like they'll die over their little issues. The person, now sympathetic for the Pisces, comforts them, not realizing that they only want attention. Why do they have to be so dang dramatic, when they could just outright say their problems?

Here is something else about them: They're ...more

This sign has the majority of the meanest, most cold-hearted, unemotional, heartless, careless people I've ever met. I have 3 family members that are Pisces. The first Pisces is the black sheep of our family who we refer to as "Jim Beam" because we don't talk about him by using his real name, his birthday is March 15, he's no longer welcomed in this family. The second Pisces is an uncle of mine who can't commit to a relationship or stay with a woman for very long because he's not loyal or respectful. And the 3rd Pisces happens to be my least favorite cousin and he's a Juvenile Delinquency whose always up to no good. So yea! I'd say I have enough experience to call them the worst out of all the signs.

I've only experienced Pisces being manipulative and players. A couple players I know happen to be Pisces. I dated a Pisces male once and I found out at the end of the relationship that he was never faithful at all which is what I felt suspiciously about him when we were dating... I also found out he was the one who kept stealing money from my purse when I wasn't near it because change and money that I spent (ON HIM) kept going missing. He was a little argumentative and rude when he didn't get his way which felt like all the time because he always threw petty baby fits... yea... nothing special about Pisces from the ones I've known.

Pisces females are the most self-centered, sensitive whiney b! tches you'll ever meet. They think they're better than others, have no conscious & are deep down extremely insecure & jealous (though they'll never admit it, you'll see it in their obsessive actions to ridicule or wrong others) They have an *extremely shallow* nature. They're weak mindedness makes them super EASY to win over but they can't hold down a genuine relationship, they bounce around from man to man & spend their miserable lives living out the bad karma from their actions... they *always* do it to themselves.

9 Sagittarius

I myself am a Sag. Sadly a couple of these things described me a tiny bit. I am a leader for others, I'm not trying to boss them around, but get them on the right track so they don't go to far off their path. I admit have talked behind peoples backs, but it that was when I was younger. I've tried to change, tried to help others, but I'm the only one gradually breaking these bad traits. I have a friend who's Sag, and she always passes notes with others, whispering to them which result them to look at me. (an indication on who they're talking about) SOME Sags are what y'all have described, but do realize some of us aren't like them.
A Sagittarius

Every comment under this sign is completely wrong. Two members of my family are Sags as well as my best friend and they're all very generous, down-to-earth, adventurous, optimistic and super kind. They also tend to be emotional but they can hide it like pros cause they don't want others to notice. However, I get the Virgo's reference cause Virgos and Sags simply can't get along and in addition Sags are truly impatient. Also, let's not overgeneralize things.Sure there might be Sags full of flaws but that occurs to every other zodiac sign as well.

I'm a Taurus dating a sagg. They are great and fun people to be with. Sagg people are impulsive and not really people of substance. If you want someone loyal and dependable and responsible it's not them. I have a sagg brother and he is not the best older brother. Through life I've experienced saggs, and from my personal opinion they are best as friends or a quick fling. They don't have enough structure and understanding of life, they don't want the best, they want an adventure. Not someone to be with if you want the good life or a stress and negative free life. They seem great when you first meet them and make you feel like you're the one, it's a ploy. You are best being friends to enjoy life with, don't have sex.

A Virgo's List of Signs: 1 being BEST and 12 being WORST

1) Capricorn (My mom's best friend)
2) Virgo (ME)
3) Cancer (Crush) (Mom acts like one)
4) Scorpio (Best friend)
5) Taurus
6) Libra (Cusp)
7) Pisces
8) Aquarius
9) Leo (Brother acts EXACTLY like one, even though he is a Virgo)
10) Gemini
11) Aries
12) Sagittarius

I dislike fire signs. I love earth signs. I like water signs. I am indifferent to air signs.

10 Libra

Libra people are good liars to be honest they will get a way with lying but to be honest they always going to get caught with lying. They dumb asf when it comes not getting caught. They also think the better than everybody. They good at insulting people that's for sure. They also will try to pretend to be your friend by flirting with you just so they can get drugs.

Libra is an interesting character. I really think this is the nicest sign by far, not just by how the traits seem, but all the Libras I met are sweet people and none of them are rude.

What a dreadful list. You can't stereotype people based on what day of the year they were born.

No...I am not a Libra,but, I have seen libras they are the coolest on earth. They are so loving and can do anything for the people they love. They are so selfless around friends and are really good and free spirit people.They love to make people around them feel and look good.LIBRA'S ARE THE BEST.Though I am a capricorn

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11 Aquarius

Can anybody tell me how it is possible that it seems like almost nobody has a problem with dealing with Aquarius people? I mean it's IMPOSSIBLE to cooperate with them because you'll always end up being the stupid one who trusted them when they were saying they would stick to the rules. Love, friendship, work,... the whole life is an act of cooperation and they are simply incapable of it. I've never made any good experience with trusting them. They always left and gave me the feel that all the effort I put in our friendship was worthless. virgo, f

There seems to always be somebody saying that Aquarius' are cold hearted, but in reality the people that say that must be pretty small minded if they're gonna call Aquarius' names and call THEM cold hearted I want proof that all the people on this list are bad, because in reality the only bad people on this page are the people that stereotype others just for the date they were born. This coming from an Aquarius.

Aquarius wants this, then wants that, then gives up on everything and starts again. Not reliable at all. They simply don't care and won't do anything for you if you are in trouble or need help. Cold-hearted, selfish, doesn't appreciate support at all because they take everything for granted. A splitted sign. I know many, many Aquarius-people and tolerate a single one of them - but this person is simply a genius.

Aquarius people are the nicest people I've ever met. I have a BFF and she's an Aquarius. I also have so many friends that are Aquarians. My BFF though, She's helpful, light-hearted, caring, etc. All these comments I'm seeing about how "negative" Aquarians are. It is so not true. You probably just had a bad friend who heart-broke you, so stop w/ dem negative comments

12 Aries

Ignore this if you'd like too. I'm just rambling about how much I hate my own sun sign again, for like the millionth time.

I think we are by far the worst sign ever. There is barely anything good about us. We are blunt yet lie a lot, selfish, annoying, egotistical, dumb, ugly, and so much more. The good qualities aren't even that good! Most of the Aries I see online are no help. They think that people only hate us because they are jealous that they aren't Aries. They deny that anyone hates them. They think that Aries is the best sign only because it is their sign, I could go on. Even though nobody I know cares about zodiac signs, having such a bad sign is affecting my self esteem. I get upset when I act remotely like one. Most famous Aries don't help either. Just look at most Aries youtubers... Logan Paul...Sam Pepper... not to great. At all. It also doesn't help that being born a week earlier, I could have gotten my favorite sign. Why, of all the twelve signs, did I get the ...more

Ugh, this is my zodiac sign and I just don't understand at all how. I'm almost nothing like an Aries. I'm not selfish. I'm more of a follower. I'm not that courageous. Those aren't the only examples, but I could be here all day listing them. The element is fire. Fire has always been my least favorite element easily, and it suits me less than any other element. It is least compatible with the signs I relate to most. I even think they sound like jerks! (Sorry, Aries that suit the sign). I despise the Birthstone, Bloodstone, too. I actually suit every other sign more than Aries. I will never, ever understand how I am possibly an Aries.

From my experience Aries women are far worse than Aries men. At least with the men, I can debate a different point of view and even though you can visibly see them sulk and start a tantrum like a child; I haven't had to worry about them trying to undermine and backstab me because their fragile ego was hurt. Well, at least not that I know of.. hmm. Anyway, I read all this stuff about Aries being intelligent and natural born leaders and all that, But honestly every single Aries, I have ever met or know (except one: which leads me to believe she has a bunch of other stuff in her chart to offset the Aries-ness in her) have not been really intelligent. I have constantly heard them spew as "Fact" details that are 100% incorrect. details that can easily be proven wrong, Yet they speak them as if they are so knowledgeable. Natural leaders, not at all. I would be fearful of having an Aries lead a group I am in because of all the incorrect information they believe as fact. Actually I had an ...more

I already commented something like this, but that got deleted so here we go again. This is my zodiac sign, and I will never understand how. I'm not selfish. I HATE fighting and wish for peace. I'm more of a follower. I'm not that energetic. I'm not really courageous. I'm really cautious. I could go on all day with this, so I won't list every trait I don't fit. The element is fire. Fire has always been easily my least favorite element by far. Besides, it doesn't even suit me! I hate the birthstone, Bloodstone, too. Heck, I sort of think Aries sound a little bit like jerks! (Sorry, Aries people that suit the sign.) I even relate to Aries less than any other sign. I won't ever understand how I am possibly an Aries because I'm so different from one.