Top Ten Best Beyblade Combos

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1 Twisted Eagle AD145WD

Best bey not to mention super heavy for balance!

Scythe nemesis B Bb118 it lasts for ever and can beat all my mates so I think it is the best possible combo it even beat twisted tempo

It killed my burn fire blaze, and ultimate meteo l-drago absorb and more.

Sounds AWESOME I'm getting Basalt Horogium on October 11, 2016 (tuesday) and I have the rest of the pieces to make this bey until then I will have to use the earth wheel instead

2 Wing Pegasis T125RSF

Super powerful
Has a lot of stamina for attack type

I agree with this statement as the tornado spin track, good attack quality, and constant attacks make a good combo as attack-types need good stamina to be first-rate beyblades. This is because they are usually at a disadvantage against defense-types, but the more stamina a beyblade has, the more times it can hi the other beyblade, the faster it can drain its opponent's spin strength.

Wing Pegasis is the best!

Awesomest Beyblade in the world

3 Diablo Nemesis BD145CS

It's the best because mine keeps knocking the other one out of the stadiun even if the stadium has tall walls and it also literaly destroyed my frends saggitario the spin track and the face bolt broke it even chipped a small piece of it's fusion wheel!

Beat all my combinations

It broke 5 fusion wheels of mine!

Amazing broke my blitz metal and sent my gravity destroyer to the second floor of my house and made one of my blade got stuck on my room selling but it came down but in pieces

4 Galaxy Pegasus WA130RSF

Best bey even beats Earth Eagle!

You are not tsubasa

Best. It even beat diablo nemesis, metro ldrago, flash saggitario and phantom Orion - Christian54


5 Diablo Orion TR 145 WD

I love this combo, this thing is beast!

Were down wd good attack

I feel that diablo is a 4d bey and as having 2 metl weels it has good attack, stamina, defense but not balance so your opinion is the best I fell.


wicked bey

6 Twisted Capricorn GB145BS

Little less balance but otherwise thumbs up!

Capricorn is the stamina type

Sounds like good stamina combo

7 Meteo L-Drago D125FS

Great stamina + reverse rotation = A great beyblade

Great bey because it absorbs the opponents power

Fire meteo L drago is better but

It defeated my diablo nemesis by absorbing its power

8 Flash Unicorno W105HF

The best bey combo ever. Destroyed my Hades Kerbecs in 1 shot

The BEST ATTACK TYPE BEY defense is none existent and can take out most beys with shot

I have no idea why it isn't number 1 watch unicornoextream

For even better combo use 85 LRF

9 Flame Kerbecs AD145 B

That's a cool Beyblade

It suck and it is a Bey

My combo burn bull df145sd, a nap this is all needed to beat that combo of urs


10 Rock Leone D125WB

A great bey all in all but could use some more stamina!



Great bey great job to the person who thought of this great be

I just used it·It beat all ten of my legendary Beyblades·I have all 10

The Contenders

11 Phantom Gasher TH170D

It is a really strong bey for Stamina. Beats all of my beys!

Phantom is OP. Although bearing drive mode be a better tip, cool combo

Horrible bey it sucks

It is the best

12 Flame Pegasus LL 145 SD

Beat all beyblade it dodges attack and trips up oponnents

Look this bey combo the best it can beat hades kerbecs plus phantom orion even twisted tempo

That's awesome


13 Hades Befall BD145MF

Its an awesome Beyblade but my one doesn't fit so I don't know how to fit it

This is a very good Beyblade. It has strong attack power solid defense and good stamina. It very good when it is in boost mode

14 Duo Cancer TH170SD

This is sick mate

Pretty good but my beys number one

the best

Oh yeah that'sgreat but you should try storm Pegasushas the best attacks plus destroyed and crushed my other beys in one shot best bey ever by the wey my name is corbin Valentine tell me where tournaments are held for bey battles

15 Scythe Capricorn 145B

Super good combo

It is the best combo

16 Earth Herculeo 105F
17 Duo Bull TH170RB
18 Hades Befall 230EWD

It has hades

Good attack,defense but when it goes into balane mode it is worse bey

19 Death Cetus S130RDF

It is very cool and defeated my eagle

I love your combo I tried and it was the best I vs my friend and when I win I have 5 of his Beyblade I defeated him all because your combo I love it I use it in all my tournament.

I have a similar combo that I made by my self, Death Lyra S130RS. It has awesome defense.

Super powerful and both attack power and defense increased. The greatest defense type
You find these parts in death quetzacatl, jade jupiter and grand cetus

20 Variares CH120RF

This is the he best bey of al

21 Diablo Orion 230WD
22 Flash Pisces GB145R2F
23 Spiral Virgo 90 HF

Its great for attack but could but more stamina would be nice

Sipiral virgo is the best combo

24 Fang Leone 145W2D
25 Earth Capricorne R145RS

It's the best well legend cyber pegasus is the best but this is still good

26 Dark Capricorn T125ES

Best stamina bey ever!

27 Beat Jupiter 130WD
28 Diablo Kerbecs BD145R2F
29 Meteo L-Drago CH120EWD

It will never fall and will not stop absorbing!

Spin Steals for a long time!

30 Storm Leone 145 FS

Huge attack power+incredible stamina+undefeated defense power=awesome bey. Every single bey that it faces gets either pummeled into the ground or knocked out of the stadium so please vote this bey up and try it out for yourself. I'm positive you'll like it

This Beyblade really works it crushes all the other Beyblades it can even beat earth eagle and destroys twisted eagle you should try it and then you will probably know what I mean.

Its really nice and it generates dangerous attacks it has even defeated my Gravity Destroyer

I'm in love with this INCREDIBLE bey! It has beaten everyone of my bey's, including Basault Horogium, Hades Kerbecs, and Gravity Destroyer (Perseus).

31 Phantom Kronos D125D

I love this Beyblade so much that Pokemon is not in it's league!

I do not like this mix it is a fail

32 Scythe Kronos B:D

Think About Fusing Some Of The Best Stamina Beys Ever

Great for stamina and is very hard to knock out!

33 Blitz Leone FS

it sucks!

34 Phantom Fireblaze B:D

Best beyblade of all time

Not much of a difference of phantom oron but still most powerful beyblade in my collection of 127 beys

35 Big Bang Orion B:D

This bey is wicked strong, its so epic!

Better and stronger

36 Cyclone Bull DF145SD

Good stamin and defense, best for battling left spinging beys, defense types, and stamina type!

37 M2F Twisted Nemisis TR145 SWD

This bey is great! It defeated my twisted tempo, hades kerbecs, and phantom orion in an instant

38 Meteo Pegasus 100 XF

This is illegal, as meteo and l drago2 are supposed to only work with each other.

39 Flash Libra WA130 BS

Flash Libra is a powerful balance type which can stand on any attacks wa130 is free spin track which stands for wing attack 130 bearing sharp of cause it is a big balance type. The flash wheel can change in to stamina mode or either attack mode. thank you folks!

It beat all the beys on this list and never lost

Crazy cool, beat all my beys!

40 Inferno Striker SW145S

Terrible tips over when getting hit from underside of metal wheel. Suggestions change performance tip with a BD not B and change spin track to a S-120

Unbeatable stamina with a tall fusion wheel making it spin foreva!

41 L-Drago Destructor BD145RDF
42 Twisted Tempo (Diablo Metal Frame) X:D

This bey can beat 4 beys at once in its S2D

It has won me a lot of tournaments and regular battles

I love that bey it beat all 20 of my beys

I promise to you this is illegal

43 Kreis Pegasus B:D

Amazing free-spin stamina beyblade!

44 Earth Pegasus UW145 D
45 Meteo L-Drago 90WD
46 Beat Aries 145W2D
47 Hades Befall BD145WD

I am the one who put this bey on the list. He is my favorite bey, he also once beat my friends meteo l drago, barely

He is the best Beyblade in the world. Great for stamina. Great for defense. He all so beat my friend meteo L-Drago.

Its great I even put it on Beyblade fanon wiki

Why is this one not first?!?!

48 Blitz Unicorno GB145RF

I made it and it killd 1000000000 beys

49 Basalt Kerbec C145WB
50 Midnight Fireblaze DF145B

A great Beyblade for defense power and with strong stamina I think this should be the forbidden bey!

It’s not be suckin

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