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221 Meteo L-Drago SW145WD
222 Big Bang Aquario W105WF
223 Earth Eagle TH170WD

This bey is unstoppable it cannot be beat. When you are vs a bey like Pegasus or l drago just switch the height super high so they can't reach your fusion wheel. This is truly the best combination. Please vote it.

224 Rock Bull 145 WD
225 Rock Pegasus LW105 B
226 Earth Wolf D125 BS
227 Bandit Begirados DF145 ES
228 MF Hades Pegasus 125 Ewd

Beat all 359 beys of mine

229 Blitz Striker 100RSF
230 Twisted Kerbecs GB145WD

Super heavy and great defense and the gyro ball makes is spins super fast

231 Twisted Pegasus SA165 WSF

Awesome bey, it kicked Diablo Nemisis in ultimate balance mode out of the Lions Lair stadium

232 Meteo L-Drago LW105 W2D

It absorbs all of my beys

233 Behemoth Golem 85 BWD

Ultimate stamina type bey it beat twisted eagle, bigbang Pegasus W105 R2F

234 Ifraid Pegasus W105 CF

Amazing attack type it beats every Beyblade I own and I own over 100 beys

235 BigBang Pegasus W105 R2F

Super Good attack type beat all my beys

236 Orochi Salamander E230ES

It's the ultimate defense type. Any attack just hits the disc on the spin track so it takes very little damage and has great stamina. It it can outlast Phantom Orion

237 Scythe Lynx 145 D
238 Berserker Bahamut BD145 EWD
239 Scythe Aquario 90 D
240 Orochi Krakken B:D
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