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281 Twisted Nemesis C145 EWD

It has really good defense and stamina, plus the spin track helps defend from low attackers. It can withstand most attacks and even deflected a Cosmic Striker W105 RF smash attack.

282 Phantom Leone 90 RSF

It has very high attack, good defense and pretty decent stamina. It can beat Meteo L-Drago and Hades Kerbecs with relative ease.

283 Blitz Eagle DF105 RB

It has amazing defense and attack. The ultimate balance type. If you can get to spin with left rotation, it will increase in attack so much, it can cut your fingers and damage other Beyblades by a lot. The DF105 spin track is very good with rubber tips.

284 Earth Pegasus F:D

If it hits another Beyblade, it will win with a stadium out. If you have a stadium with high walls, then it might not knock the other bey out, but it will still do a powerful smash attack that will slam them into the wall.

285 Ifrit Dragoon 90 CS

An extremely powerful Beyblade with exceptional attack, and once it slows down, it goes into stamina mode where it can spin steal a little bit, but not too much because of no rubber. It is very strong and can knock other beys out of the stadium pretty easily.

286 Big Bang Befall AD145 GF

It is very good in attack, and has a high variety of modes to use. Some modes are better than others, but smash mode can usually knock other beys other of the stadium, if it touches them.

287 Twisted Sagittario ED145 W2D

At the beginning, it will have bad balance, but once you wear the tip down, it will become better, but after a while it will peform like an attack type, so you should have multiple W2D tips.

288 Death Libra CH120 MS

High stamina and defense, although it has bad balance with the 145 height, the balance issue can be reduced by using the 120 height.

289 Rock Bull UW145 FB

High defense and some attack. A very good balance type, stopping most attacks and sometimes attacking back. This Beyblade has more defense than attack.

290 Wing Orion SA165TB

Try this combo out it's the perfect balance combo with epic destablizing skills. I chose the SA165 spin track because it's a great track for stamina and defense. Also there are different combos you can do by changing the modes of the Wing wheel and the SA165 spin track so it's a very variable combo. I chose TB {Twin Ball} because... well it's twin ball. If your into Zero G then you get what I'm talking about.

291 Basalt Eagle 230 ES
292 Behemoth Genbull F230 WD V 1 Comment
293 Big Bang Pegasis E230 EDS

Quite heavy and very aggressive, great bey.

Super heavy and aggressive!

294 Meteo L-Drago 100 F

It's the best because it almost never drops first because of its unmatched balance and if it wont knock the uponent aot of the stadium than it whill win because it will always be the last one standing because it makes the stamina aboat equal and it due to centrifical force and the air tunel effect has sort of a invisable barrier betwean the stadium and fusion wheel that makes it inposible to lose balance first

295 Pegasus Dragoon
296 Twisted Titan

This bey cannot be beat. It is a combination of Twisted Temple and Duo Ice Titan. IIt is awesome. Do this combination

297 Pirate Orochi 145D

It'll go go crazy and it will go wild attack hard won a lot of times

298 Blitz Unicorno WA130 WSF

Its Wings make a huge attack advantage and its WSF tip makes good stamana and Attack power!

299 Gravity Destroyer SA165WD
300 Rock Pegasus II W105B

Ball tip provides great stamina while Pegasus II energy ring creates awesome attack combined with the offensive and defensive abilities. W105 keeps it low to the ground but not to low to hit the bottom of the stadium. A very well balanced type. A very strong bey.

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