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321 Diablo Kerbecs F:S

Very strong combo has lots of attack power and I wore down my F:S performance and has strong attack and stamina power. Vote for him he's got amazing strength

322 Gravity Destroyer AD145 WD

It is the best

323 Earth Serpent TR145d
324 Phantom Orion AD145 EWD
325 Earth Eagle DF145 WD

It is one of the best combos created. Defeats all Beyblades including Diablo Nemesis in all modes.

326 Earth Galaxy Perseus AD145WD
327 Phantom Libra 85ES

Attacks from low and awesome stamina

328 Poison Fox T125XF

Really good attack power with good endurance

329 Earth Fireblaze AD145 WD
330 Omega Gemios T125 WD

It broke my big bang pegasis into 2 pieces and it broke my pc frame also

331 Twisted Gemios FD

It's the best Beyblade.

332 Death Dragonis D:D V 1 Comment
333 Twisted Quetzalcoatl 90WF

It beats almost everything

334 Earth Jupiter W105D
335 Scythe Destructor AD 145 WD

Do it without the scythe's rotating blade and use the upper part of Ldrago destructor use ad 145 the spin track of gravity destroyer and the performance tip of any bey that serves u well
Its an awesome balance type bey its heavy but it runs fast

336 Phantom Orion 230WD
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