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41 Twisted Tempo (Diablo Metal Frame) X:D

This bey can beat 4 beys at once in its S2D

It has won me a lot of tournaments and regular battles

I love that bey it beat all 20 of my beys

Cheater robber! u stole it u did it ikikik!

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42 Kreis Pegasus B:D

Amazing free-spin stamina beyblade!

43 Earth Pegasus UW145 D
44 Hades Befall BD145WD

I am the one who put this bey on the list. He is my favorite bey, he also once beat my friends meteo l drago, barely

He is the best Beyblade in the world. Great for stamina. Great for defense. He all so beat my friend meteo L-Drago.

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45 L-Drago Destructor BD145RDF
46 Beat Aries 145W2D
47 Blitz Unicorno GB145RF
48 Meteo L-Drago 90WD
49 Basalt Kerbec C145WB
50 Midnight Fireblaze DF145B

A great Beyblade for defense power and with strong stamina I think this should be the forbidden bey!

51 Rock Aries H145WD

He's good he beats virgo he is really easy to make and does well it has good defense and spins for like about 2 min. So its really good it's my best combo vote for him

Make it it's cool so yeah it does have a lot of recoil. That's its main downside

It's really good it wins a lot and its easy to make. It's one of my best combos.

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52 Earth Zurafa T125D

Earth Zurafa is strong as a brick wall. Because when a Beyblade hits it, it doesn't even move, or wobble! It just stays there doing nothing. You know what, I think it should be #1! Besides it's spin time is 3 minutes, 50 seconds point 0! So this bey should be king of ALL beys so PLEASE VOTE!

Earth Zurafa is INVINCABLE! It beat my Lightning L-Drago recolor, my Triple Dimmension Genios such as Cyber Gemios. AND WON ON MY EXTREME Beyblade TRAINING! I tested out how long it spins and this is what I got: 3 MIN,58 SEC! If you want to vote for my Beyblade then make it too!

53 Twisted Pegasus lll F:S

Yeah, I tried it too it was really awesome it beated hades KERBECS phantom Orion too. I like this bey so much I'll even die for it!

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54 Basalt Kerbecs 230WD

It has unbeatable defense and stamina

This bey is unstoppable

55 Grand Pegasus WA130S
56 Flame Saggittario WA130WD
57 Variares CH120 R2F

It's awesome it moves at super fast speeds, and sends beyblades flying out of the stadium. It can even beat L-Drago Destructor

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58 Dark Orion B:D
59 Burn Eonis 150RF

Definetally my best bey. The second best I would highly recommend is spiral cetus, with A white Performance tip from Rock Leone and a blue spin track from Thermal Lacerta. Go for it guys.

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60 Lightning Bull GB145WB

It's fab and you will not belive that IT SEND MY FRIEND'S TWISTED TEMPO FLYING OUT OF THE STADIUM IN IT'S FIRST ATTACK AND I WON THE BATTLE IN JUST TWO SECONDS! So try it NOW or you will be the greatest fool in the history!

My best bey ever, it has good defense, excellent balance, great attack and awesome stamina. Overall, it's a marveleous bey and no bey can defeat it.

It's the best. It's a marveleous balance type bey with good defense, excellent balance, great attack and awesome stamina. No bey can defeat it. It's the best costomized bey in the world.

It's the best and it killed my all beys even TWISTED TEMPO!

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