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61 Lightning L Drago 100MF
62 Basalt Horogium TR145R2F
63 Fusion Sagittario S130RDF
64 Thermal SGTO 135MS

I have the same thing but burn sgto with the same pices but it is my number 1 Beyblade

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65 Earth Pegasus D125 WD

It is really cool Beyblade. Because it has got earth fusion wheel and wd performance tip. İt is can defeat other beys. (all them) It is the beast bey.

66 Basalt (Diablo Core) Horogium B:d

Best tank in the bey world

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67 Burn Orso 125FS

Heavy wheel pllus sharp tip equals an awesome balance bey!

68 Rock Tempo 145WD

O.K. let's get this strait. EPIC! It spun for a VERY.. Long time like 5 min,48 sec! And it wasn't even BUDGING! But only a tiny... Bit though. There. Okay thank you for the lie! Oh! The truth hurts. So please vote!

Not nessicarily 5 mins, but it does spin for a long time

69 Dark Orso 145SD
70 Poison Eagle DF145MF

It's just awesome to use for battling but you can use storm metal wheel too if you want it's good too

71 Twisted Kerbecs R145WD

He is a really good defense type and his weight is incredible. Thanks to his spin track: R145 can he absorb hits from low beys and then the damage is like nothing

72 Phantom Bull AD145WD

Very strong combination. I tried it and it beat my duo aquario sw165wd real easily vote for this bey.

Phatom bull is very good if you use variaries dd tip on flat and ball which provides good stamina and more over attack and defense power best of my beys

73 Fang Virgo 105F

It is super fast it has strong attacks and a bit of defense

74 Dark Pegasus 90HF/S
75 Dark Pegasus H145ES

The eternal sharp tip gives it stamina, the the horns give it defense/attack, the dark fusion wheel makes it balanced, the cyber/galaxy/storm pegasus clear wheel gives it attack, and the cyber/galaxy/storm pegasus facebolt gives it style. This bey is OUTSTANDING!

I've made a dark Pegasus beyblade with wing Pegasus face bolt and energy ring, dark fusion wheel, D125 spin track and WD performance tip. I also have a variety of other beys to customize it with.

76 Grand Pegasus D125 HF Attack Type

Cool Beyblade to beat twisted tempo and earth eagle. Crush diablo nemesis and phantom orion. Strike other Beyblades

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77 Metal Face Bolt Twisted Aquario DF145 MS
78 L-Drago Guardian D125RF

Smash + Reverse Rotation + ownage

79 Twisted Leone W105S

Beats diablo nemesis earth eagle hades kerbecs evil befall dark bull gravity destroyer poison zurafa and more
Can bea any bey

80 Twisted Eagle B:D
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