Best Blader In the Cartoon Beyblade World

It's about the characters of beyblade and to see who is the best.

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41 Chi-Yun
42 Doji

Better than rank 7

waste doji


I like his polite manner his looks feels like kissing him 😙💚. But I hate his Beyblade Dark Wolf

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43 Nemesis
44 Hakuro Okaya

He is the real number 1 he has been defeated not even Zyro he is the new legend not the other adds

The new pegasis emperor owning Samurai Pegasis he is so cool and strong he has never been defeated yet not even Zyro defeated him

45 Kira Hayama

He is actually the strongest and he has only lost yo Zyro once the other has been on top he is the real number 1 in the zero g Beyblade history after Hakuro. He is also the Bahamut emperor. Owning the Blue Dragon which rotates to the right.

46 Shinobu Hiryuin

He is the counterpart for Kai Hiwatari being the main rival of the main protagonist Zyro also like Kai he has defeated Zyro in their first battle and is the coolest too just like he changes his appearance in every season he is lot more cooler in lining steel than he was in shogun steel.

47 Zyro Kurogane

Zyro is the strongest and kind hearted blader in Japan. He battle man tough opponents and some of them cheated. Zyro always play fair against them and he and samurai ifrit never gave up. His blader spirit helped him became stronger than anyone. He has friends and rivals that supports him in many battles. He helped others and showed them what beyblading is all about. He is now the protege of the legendary Blader Gingka Hagane.

The new hero of Beyblade and the neo battle bladers tournament he is holding the title as the new number 1 and he should be first place not 5th place ok fellows.

48 Kite Unabara

He is powerful and strong he used lose a lot of battles but after he becomes a legend to he defeated Zyro in their rematch battle he is much stronger than anyone.

49 Connor Sawayama

He is strong he has beaten every blader and has the best Beyblade Berserker Behemoth which was given to him by Kira Hayama. Connor is the best friend for Yoshio and the others and never gives up vote him man

50 Yoshio Iwayama

He is also strong you know but he never shows his skills

51 Eight Unabara

He is the strongest blader in the world and is the favourite one.

52 Takanosuke Shishiya

He is just like eight but kind of strong but he is improving his skills.

53 Captain Arrow
54 Choa-xin

Chao jin is the best blader I wish he was in number 1

Chaos jin is awesome

55 Cycnus
56 Ozuma

His flash leopard was as good as it gets...
Full of energy...and the captain of the saint shields...

He is an extremely powerful blader who beat Tyson granger 3 times. He was seen as a villian at first but through the series he was trying to protect the beasts inside Tyson's, max's, Ray's, and Kai's Beyblades. Sooner or later, Tyson and ozuma became friends and rivals and he entrusted Tyson to protect his beast. At the beyblading tournament, he was up against Zeo Zagart. Zeo defeated him with his special move. Ozuma has a blader spirit and he gave it his all.

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