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61 Joe Cole

No one better amazing

62 Vinnie Jones

Great defender no nonsense stuff wish we had him now and that goal against liverpool was incredible. He's the G.O.A.T.

63 Andre Schurrle

He's only young! Everyone is good

He's chelsea fc's snake give a chance and yall see what I'm talking about I don't wanna explain myself

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64 Andrej Sevtchenko
65 Filipe Luís

Filipe Luis is a very good player. He is a good defender too

I don't know why he's got zero percent

66 Ian Hutchinson

His long throws won the 1970 fa cup

67 John Obi Mikel

John Obi Mike is the unsung hero of Chelsea's recent success. He's a great player that has given the team stability and strength over the years since he made his senior debut. However, he commands a vast array of contradictory ratings in the mind and souls of the Chelsea supporters.

It will be grossly unfair not to include Mikel among the greats of Chelsea having played for the club for a decade and won every major trophy with the blue army. You might not like his goal scoring record, but his tactical discipline and technical contribution to the team in terms of supporting the back four and giving the team shape cannot be overlooked.

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