The best of the best because iPhone ever changes and it's only brainwashing people and samsung's design is UGLY. Only HTC changes a lot, has good design, fast enough and has good cameras etc...

Absolutely number one, Pioneer of metal phones, clean android skin, build quality, industrial design, and audio quality. Gets way more crap than it deserves.

Brilliancy has a definition : HTC. Brands may be good but there is always a brand which is THE BEST, and its name is HTC. Doesn't matter what the sales are, but its always the best!

Good looking designs and best performance...

HTC Phones are the best Designed Phones I have ever Seen. Plus the Features that the Company provides make these Phones a Must Have.

HTC One S, HTC One X, and HTC One V are super great phones! I have the HTC One S myself, and it is super fast!

Awesome brand. I have 2 really old htc phones, and both work 100%. really fast, easy user interface, fast, reliable, good quality and, a reasonable price!

Best smartphone manufacturer.

Consistency and uncompromising focus on Quality has made this brand a hit among its loyalists!

They always have new innovative things never behind on tech like iPhone they are also durable

The best UI, great design, revolutionary features (compared to other manufacturers, which tend to bring the same a little bit later) and so on. The history of this brand speaks for everything. Quietly brilliant.

I LOVE HTC, I honestly think it is the best phone brand EVER!

Should be on second much durable then samsung

HTC is the best according to me. Because hTc's android phones doesn't cost much and are AWESOME!

I love HTC because they are cheaper, efficient and they give the best camera result

The true demonstration of design, animation, working and elegance! HTc is just wOw!

HTC sensation no complaint full hd dual core amazing screen super fast internet

Good designs except htc one. Good job and will support htc

This is the best phone I ever use

HTC is one of the most innovative and beautiful phone companies in the world.

Htc phones! Easy to use phone! Best apps easy download and great phone bodY!

Best company which makes beautiful phones and strong built quality.

Very good mobiles you can get in some amount

I have htc one x & htc one.. Both are superb. Their look are awesome. They feels me that I have two expensive phone in my pocket. & their performance is also too good. Especially htc one is the best phone in the market right now.

It is a unique smartest mobile phone it looking is very crazy