Nokia has the best quality ever and with windows 10 you can download any game you want so they filled the store gap. It has the best and most beautiful main screen and you can customize it however you like it.

Nokia is one brand different from others... I've used Nokia for my past years till now still Nokia is number one... And again with this new Nokia Lumia's coming up who! I think know other phone will attract me accept NOKIA

Nokia Lumia is the best smartphone because it's so unique in its colors and its very har to break unlike the iPhone which only comes in black and white and shatters when you drop it 3ft

Nokia is back in the game with the nokia 6, 1.5 million sales in less than a minute in china, just got out of stock by the release, shows the affection and trust of people towards nokia that they were waiting for a phone and when it got into market...just gone out of stock!...we all are waiting for more phones from nokia...then in no time nokia will be on the number 1

Come on! Nokia is one of the FIRST brands of phones and now we're ditching it? NO! I say we will shall put it on the number 1 place for best long time phone EVER

I'VE already used Samsung.. And now using Lumia 920. Its just awesome. They are best in almost all, just give it some time and you'll see it going up again.

Nokia has an epic camera, amazing durability, and radical software. how is it no.5? Should be number 1!

Best mobile ever in the history of mobile world. with good quality of OS, software, hardware and the body material and also good performance.

Nokia once used to be the king, especially because of their battery life. They haven't lost that great feature in their phones, but whats wrong with Nokia is that they chose Microsoft Windows for their phones instead of a far more popular Android. Still got love for ''em, though.

Nokia is the father of all other brands. It can change the game any time by its hardware, software, own apps, music and camera... It's the real game changer.

Nokia is largest mobile company India and also worlds but this brand is always love I think nokia will again make in 2016

My nokia Lumia 520 doesn't hangs or lags either on playing games or surfing the phone

Best build quality. But is sold by Microsoft but quality is quality but one need to launch Android

Nokia should be on top because its smartphone design, camera and etc I love nokia lumia series.

They're realm awesome. Just, should solve their software lacks & some minor bug, hopefully they'll number 1 tomorrow.

Worlds best design, best build quality, best camera, best smartphone with Windows phone

Best smartphone in the world... Nokia, no compromise

Before iPhone, Nokia is without competition, the best smartphone market.

Nokia will be number 1 in next time it will come back with good models wait...

Nokia doing well with Microsoft and always with a good deal love nokia

Nokia 6 's gonna turn the tides, till then we wait.

It is one of the most stylish looking phones ever in my opinion

Nokia is the best unique smartphone...

It is extremely cheap and its warranty is provided by nokia

There is nothing like lumia... This phones are just the bests..