Best Types of Farts

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1 Silent and deadly

Silent butt deadly. People can smell it, but they couldn't hear it. They may not even know that it was you!

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2 Wet and sticky


3 Accidental poop V 1 Comment
4 Air fart
5 Loud and proud

Once one of our relatives farted like this at early morning.. And everyone woke up!

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6 Car motor

B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B…WR! Lol so funny. One time I farted like this and everyone thought it was a real car. It's really funny at school, sitting in those plastic chairs will only make it louder - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 Fart that seeps out without you knowing
8 Short and sweet
9 Nuclear explosion fart
10 Ass burner

The Contenders

11 Pip
12 Killer
13 Toot
14 Long and smelly
15 Not so smelly
16 The Super Atomic Omega Fart

This one is simply the greatest fart of all. No other fart is louder, more smellier than this!

So smelly. Someone in my class once fainted. When my friend did it. She was so embarrassed when she farted. And yes, it was a she who did this fart

When I do these farts in my room you can smell it from the entrance and a little bit outside.

Oh I stunk up my house on Christmas from this wild one

17 Toxic farts
18 Taking-a-dump fart
19 Machine Gun
20 Poopy Fart

Have these all the time. I like the smell.

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1. Wet and sticky
2. Silent and deadly
3. Accidental poop



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