Best Vasco Da Gama Players of All Time

Vasco fans, let's find out wich one is the greatest "gigante da colina" player of all time!

The Top Ten

1 Roberto Dinamite Roberto Dinamite

He played the most, he scored the most, he won it all. And he became president of the club. Enough said. - vpenno

2 Juninho Pernambucano Juninho Pernambucano Antônio Augusto Ribeiro Reis Jr., commonly known as Juninho or Juninho Pernambucano, is a retired Brazilian footballer.

The greatest free kick taker ever

The little king of the hill. He allways said he loves Vasco, and that he wants to be President someday. He's still our best player, and he just turned 38 years old! He won the Libertadores, two brazilian championships and a lot of other titles. Juninho is our king! - vpenno

3 Edmundo Edmundo

He was the world best player of 1997. I don't care what European magazines say, this was the man of that year. What he did wasn't human. - vpenno

4 Romário Romário Romário de Souza Faria, known simply as Romário, is a Brazilian politician, who previously achieved worldwide fame as a footballer.

Best player in history of football

The best player of 1994, world cup winner, and he scored his 1.000nd goal with Vasco shirt at our stadium. The greatest scorer I've seen. Protagonist of soccers greatest comeback, against Palmeiras in 2000, when he scored 3 times to turn things from 3 x 0 to 3 x 4, bringing the title home. - vpenno

5 Ademir Ademir

Queixada was the complete striker : fast, powerful, skilful and a sublime finisher

One of the best Brazilian scorers of all time. - vpenno

6 Bellini Bellini

Great defender, captain of the fisrt world cup won by Brazil. Has a statue in front of the Maracana Stadium. - vpenno

7 Carlos Germano Carlos Germano

The Wall. Played simple, but was able to stop almost every shot. Legend. - vpenno

8 Danilo Danilo

The Prince. Classy player, awesome ball control, perfect passing. - vpenno

9 Pedrinho Pedrinho
10 Bebeto Bebeto

The Contenders

11 Fausto Fausto
12 Nenê
13 Vava
14 Mauro Galvão Mauro Galvão

The captain of our most important title, the Libertadores Cup. - vpenno

15 Barbosa Barbosa

One of the best goal keepers of all time. - vpenno

16 Tostão Tostão
17 Luisinho Quintanilha
18 Dedé

Great defender he had one game where he stopped Neymar in a game that ended 2x0 for Vasco and Dedé scoring one of the goals

19 Geovanni Geovanni
20 Felipe Felipe
21 Ipojucan Ipojucan
22 Bismarck Bismarck
23 Valdir Bigode Valdir Bigode
24 Dener Dener
25 Sansar Salvo Sansar Salvo
26 Odvan

The center back - center back. - vpenno

27 Euller
28 Acácio
29 Mauricinho
30 Martin Silva
31 Abel
32 Donato
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