Worst Beyblade Burst Tops

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1 Valtryek V2

This bey is prone to burst because the slopes on this bey is garbage. Outclassed!

I have it but it always loses with a survivor finish

My Galixy Pegasus shredded it to cheese! NO joke it ripped it to 30 parts!

Well, maybe the same.

2 Luinor L2/lost Longinus

This bey is powerful, BUT, this bey has a pretty BAD look

3 Valtryek

Not bad, actually very good I beat a valtryek v3 with my valtryek v1.

He does not spin

I burst it with rocktevor r1

Valtryek is a nooby bey bc in the beyblade series the bey was powerful but it burst to a lot of beys (like Xeno xcalius and horosood

4 Roktavor R2

Roktavor has good stamina but if you hit it in this one spot it will always burst pretty much

He bursts too easily!

5 Ifritor I2
6 Spryzen S2

Unite is the only decent part in this combo

I hate this guy he is so dumb!

It bursts easily...

Boo legend sprizen is very very bad Iwill preefer Storm sprizen really legend sprizen sucs Ihate it

7 Spryzen

legend Spryzen is the best because it is not bursting I try with all and ballte and not one of my beyblade could burst legend Spryzen

8 Horusood

Horusood sucks! (Sorry to those who like this bey) The bey kept bursting, even with weakest bey

Has about a 5% chance do deflect a burst otherwise, it loses

I have this bey but IT KEEPS BURSTING. Sucks

Bursts easily

9 Horusood H2

It's howl line is has terribly bad

Horusood sucks

l hate horusood maybe because it is blue

Bursts esaly

10 Quetziko Q2

Absolutely the worst bey ever!

IT is terribly

The Contenders
11 Bloody Longinus

It is bad if is made by harbor

Lui bey again weak if made by hasbror

If it is made by Hasbro, it sucks!

Worst Cho-z Bey yet

12 Doomscizor D2

I hate this bey! It is fast but
when it moves around the stadium, it is always getting slower (:c

13 Uber Unicrest U2

I don't know about everybody else, but my Unicrest always explodes in at least 5 hits. It sucks.

It even has uber transport in the name

It is extremely terrible, but if you put an OP driver, like Sword Valtryek´s, it can destroy just about anything.

It staimina is bad

14 Drain Fafnir

He is pretty good but not-good at spin stealing sprison reckriom can do better.

this is Beyblade is sooooo boring it is always a tie for me

15 Lightning-X Istros

It is a terrible combination and bursts way too easily.

He bursts easier than Typhon!

16 Istros I2

He sucks because he always bursts but good thing about it is the stamina

I got a sledge hammer and smash it

Its really bad

17 Legend Spriggan S3

This is trash one hit from nightmare luinor burst it but onetime he burst crash ragnuruk but he lost that battle so he sucks he's almost as bad as mmy reqium spriggan

18 Spriggan Requiem

Three words: worst beyblade ever

19 Deep Chaos
20 Hell Salamander

First when I got him he sucked then he got good than he started sucking again so I recommend you don't buy heat salamander.if you think its awesome your SOOO wrong so don't get this sucky beyblade

Feels like storm capricorn has no stamina

21 Valtryek V4 / Wonder Valtryek

It's a turbo bey that is amazing in attack but it can't last long and it can't even win a single round with its takara tomy counterpart, while any other bey, hell any other valtryek can.

Terrible spin track otherwise its great.

His stamina is very weak!

22 Guardian Kerbeus

Kerbeus is a defense bey not stamina

It bursts Like crazy

So agree

it is dodo

23 Z Achilles A4 (Hasbro)

If you have this bey, watch it burst in one hit!

I beated it with a surge xcalius

Lol how can this bey keep bursting after on hit xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd

24 Valtryek V3

Always burst to luinor l3

sure genises valttryek can be can suck against luinor but mine actully burst loginous l3

25 Cho-Z Achilles 00. DM

It burst to ez even valtryek v1 can burst it

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