The first Ferrari was born as a race car. It was born the same year Formula 1 started and is the only car to be in F1 every year. It also has won it more times than any other manufacturer. Their road cars are obviously the envy of other manufacturers, and often copied. Their product line spans from sheer performance to more subdued road cars that are today drivable on a daily basis while still giving extraordinary performance. There is no other brand that comes close to the Ferrari name. The only flaw (as Enzo Ferrari stated) is that he regrets that it was most often the rich that could afford it and not the young... But this is probably true for most cars, considering the world population... I have owned three, and I don't mean to disrespect any other manufacturer, but for me it's either you drive a Ferrari or you don't. I would gladly pay the $30, 000, 000.00 for a 1963 Ferrari GTO if I had the money!

Yes.. Ferrari has a strong history..
Once a Ferrari lover always be Ferrari lover..
Actually Ferrari is the most well known super car manufacturer in the world though many new companies making hybrid awesome design and fastest cars but to be honest they are not going to create a place like Ferrari.
Hollywood produces many movies but you never forget TITANIC like that Ferrari is the unforgettable name of super car..
And yes Ferrari still rules with history and few cars. but Ferrari needs to improve their design and engine. they really stops producing awesome sexy and fastest cars.. they must beat McLaren.. they need to create something awesome design cars with incredibly speed..

The glorious history, passion, beauty, power, speed, prestige and spirit of Ferrari are unmatched by any other car company in the world. Ferrari truly is the greatest and most awesome car company on earth. Nothing compares to Ferrari. They're simply the BEST and always will be!

This company produce the best of the best super car in the world, they combine beauty and power in their machine lastly the most expensive car in the market right now is a right hand steering ferrari 250 gto that cost $45, 000, 000 making the bugatti veyron like a bargain sale.

Ferrari is the most awesome car in the world the best model of Ferrari in sports are Enzo and Fxx and the most stylish car of Ferrari is F430 and 458. Italia that's why I love Ferrari it's my dream car any other car cannot reach to Ferrari

Amazing one.. Deserving a pinnacle in comparative in others... Number one premium quality... Comfortable one... In market top level... No one beat in world in car companies cars... Very expertise.. Stylish one...

All you have to do is look at the most expensive purchases for classic cars and Ferrari is always ranked at the top of the ones who sell the most at auctions. There are other great car manufacturers out there, but this is one company who not only build cars, but they also race cars. And, they build the race car and the engine that goes in that car. If cars were wristwatches, BMW would be Rolex, and Ferrari would be Patek-Philippe.

This is totally the best car brand ever. Since 1940s Ferrari has been getting better and better, so that now Ferrari represents power, speed and glory. It is definitely the king of all car brands. And hopefully it will remain so in the future... I LOVE FERRARI!

Here's what Lamborghini does: they take a Gallardo, add 2 or 3 body tweaks, add a wing, and call it an Aventador. Ferrari is completely superior to that. They have a various amount of completely different car styles to fit anyone's liking, while their cars are both beautiful and high in performance. Yes, Lambos are beautiful but damn can you guys, like, try a different style? It's literally the same style every time with just a few body tweaks! - Mcgillacuddy

Ferrari is the best car brand in the world because they are very luxurious and very fast. They are the technology Kings and also comfy because my auntie has an old Ferrari. I am happy that Ferrari is on the top of this list.

It's shape, how stylish is it, and comfortable the seats are. It's speed is also awesome. I will pray that it should be always on the first position. The future development of ferrari will be more modify and off course the model should be good

It is a good car company because they are on the being built and on a race track they also stand out lots. The only down side is how much the cost, but they do cost that much for a good reason.

The glorious history, passion, beauty, power, speed, prestige and spirit of Ferrari are unmatched by any other car company in the world. Ferrari truly is the greatest and most awesome car company on earth. Nothing compares to Ferrari. They're simply the BEST and always will be!

It is one of the best cars in the world.and Lamborghini is the baddest sports car in the world. Lamborghini sicks and it seems like vomit but Ferrari is the best car ever in the whole world. Ferrari is the smartest, prettiest my love and everybody's love and it the world's FASTEST car from the cars in the world. It is the fastest from all cars like Bugatti Lamborghini and all sports car. I love Ferrari a lot and this car rocks!

The best car I ever had. Better then Porsche, and even Lamborghini. Once you are in this car you feel like you are the richest person ever.

Their cars are built comfortably, and are also very high tech. They are also incredibly fast. All their work is shown in their cars like the California and the 458. All this is backed by 70 years of history and passion. - HarCher

My ambition work to your company

Ferrari car is awesome wonderful amazing ferrari car is the best in the world and this company goodwill is so higher and people can't buy this company car no more word for saying and finally awesome awesome awesome

Yes because no one can challenge god. What god makes is and should be the best. By this time you should come to know whom I am talking about.

Incredible car manufactures, unbelievable style, astonishing performance and remarkable achievement ever lasting impression mind blowing prize.

I love this car a lot more than a Lamborghini... Ferrari a beast on wheel and pretty...
I really want to drive this car... Very good design, shape every thing good performance... Like a best friend

Screw everyone else ferrari is the best because they make beautiful award winning cars every-time apart from when they can't be bothered which is basically never. GET DOWN yo

I love ferrari and their cars are really beautiful. When you think about sports car ferrari is the first name which comes into your mind

This company provides 1st class features for THE PREMIUM CLASS...
It's simply the best
And no other car in the world except Lamborghini can reach near Ferrari

If you wanna pick a car, just' pick Ferrari... all you wanna get. Awesome interior, stylish and incredible structure filled with awesomeness and I forgot to mention... THE MOST UnBeatable Stylish FASTEST CAR!