We'll for starters they built the first car. Mercedes builds the safest, most luxurious, high tech, stylish, elegant, sporty, cars on the road. They always have been #1 and they will continue to be. They started racing cars, crash tests, and much much more. They invented the air bag, navigation esp, blind spot, manny air bags, SOS call for help, 4 wheel drive and so much more. They created 98% of the safety features found in cars today and still the rest only have a few of them and their versions don't work as well. Their build quality is the best. I have a mercedes and nothing rattles squeaks or anything else like it. Their dealers are amazing and their service is exceptional. They have many layers of paint. Their glass is extremely thick and the seat material is thick and we'll stitched. The interiour a are the best. Super comfortable and super quiet. The styling of the interiour and exterior are beautiful. They have the coolest headlights. Even though mercedes is in mad production ...more

Really, there are only 2 types of cars in this world, Mercedes Benz and every other car. I want my college car to be a certified pre owned Mercedes E350. I would want the E350 because it is only 5 inches longer than the c class and I don't have to hear those Japanese piece of crap cars with the stupid exhaust mufflers driving down the road because the E class has thick windows and a very very solid build. It is library quiet also on the interior. Why do people buy Japanese crap cars when they could have the best right here in safety, reliability, comfort, and performance? No offense to anyone who owns a Japanese car, but they will NEVER EVER be as good as a Mercedes in any category.

I want that, you made a car that have a special feature not it is belong with Speed, outer show but on breaks I tell you that "if a toy car running and we want to stop on its way so we hold on top of the roof of car " so you made a car that have a special feature that relate with a revolution break. You made a car that have plates which we used on break and just the plate gain the weight and car stop and stand on his way, if break are pressure on the wheel that is on the chassis.

They invented the motor car, the company that has been in the business the longest. The most experienced and established car maker in the world. Follow the star!

Mercedes stand out. They are sporty luxurious and elegant, leaders in safety, very reliable. They have the most and best technology. They created most features found in a car and features other cars don't have. Excellent performance and great build quality. They look awesome and are great on and offroad. I can go on and on about them but that would take forever.

Overall they are special cars. Would not trade one for any other car. Mercedes is #1- after all they created the 1st car.

it is the best company please bring the Mercedes Benz first than in world no one beat ultimate luxury brand "MERCEDES BENZ". so manufacture more cars, speed and mileage cars thanks

German Rolls Royce German and British cars when I was growing up were the best now only German but out of my reach. I would have to buy 15yrs old but still better than these modern cars. The Asians try to brainwash you with their ads everywhere. Same as Coke, Pepsi was better so they put ads everywhere to get the young to buy. I used to have VW Beetle man 1972 best ever made and Audi 80GL Man great and light. Now I have a Jeep Patriot 6 Speed auto my first American car. I used to have Fords, austin, Morris, Hillman, Triumph, Mazda, datsun, Toyota. You live and learn at 61 I am getting there.

Dude Mercedes is the ultimate luxury and good-looking' car out there! Sure there are others but no one can best the classic yet nitro looks of Mercedes!

Mercedes Benz, the BEST or NOTHING! You don't see Audi, BMW, Porsche, and other LUXURY car companies MAKING SPRINTER VANS, TRUCKS AND BUSES. ALMOST ALL THE PRESIDENTS IN THE WORLD OWNS AN S CLASS. Do you see any of these car companies with distronic plus or attention assist? I don't think so! Mercedes, I will one day own an M class and an E63 AMG

Mercedes Benz: A perfect combination of what Men need when driving. Safety, luxury, control and speed. About 8 layers of paint. ABS, Crumple zone, the first car with a modern configuration having the carriage lowered and set between the front and rear wheels, traction control system that worked under both braking and acceleration.
"Car makers are constantly learning how to make cars following the steps of Mercedes Benz"
I rather having a W124 than a new Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi. And I am trying to avoid talking about AMG but if...

Love German automobiles. My mom owns a Mercedez-Benz 550 S and I finally got a BMW 328xi for my 18th B-day. Mercedes is like the best luxury and class-full car an average or successful person can get. It is a practical option and their commitment to service is renowned. - yougnr1116

From my childhood I like this car. It's my dream. When I will have a lot of money then first I will buy this branded car. Now buy this car it's my goal. Please pray for me if I can able to do this...

This company has managed to build its reputation since 1927. It only got better and I believe that it is the best! Mercedes has it all class, elegance, originality, sleek and comfortable. It is definitely worth every single penny!

This brand has got the most strongest car in the world. It is stronger than Ferrari (Most of Sports cars that are not from Germany are not strong). Not only Benz that is strong. But Most of German cars are strong (Stronger than Italian, Swedish, French and other European cars). - TanTom16

Its almost dominated all car categories ranging from super cars to luxury cars all the way to affordable hatch backs. It really is the perfect car company.


Yeah my family has 6 other kids and Mercedes is the best because we need a van, cause we have lots of family members [ seven kids, and our car has 5 rows of seats, and our van has 12 seats in all, plus it also has a trunk space. I know that we have 3 other extra seats, but we still have friends over, so yeah. Anyway our car's official color is red.

Always coming up with great designs, fuel efficient engines and all the luxury you need.

Perfect car for business peoples... And rich people... Better then all the cars in the world

It Delivers Both Speed And Luxury

Non comparable it is simply the best company in the world. The designs, luxury, comfort of the cars are perfect

I think mercedes is the best ever in luxurious car's, slr mclaren is super man, I love it,

The Best Cars in the world are German and the best car company is Mercedes-Benz don't forget they invented the car the best or nothing! They are the most luxurious, safe, reliable, high tech, stylish, comfortable, fancy cars out there. Mercedes are tanks!

Since inventing the first Car, Mercedes Benz has brought number of inventions that have made the present day cars more safe and performing. They always make cars that stand out from others and engineered to perfection. More importantly they are not copy cats.

The mercedes benz is my dream car specially the mercedes benz slr amg is my worlds best car and more better than ferrari and ford.