Best Characters in Typical Jokes

Important! This list is not about memes but traditional jokes. The 'joke characters' are not movie or video game characters included by joke but the usual people or other living things (OK, death is on the list but he's personalized) that we tell jokes about.

I am surprised if there is not a list like this yet (december 2018). There is even an absurd joke:

The fox, the wolf, the aggressive piglet, the blonde, the policeman, two cows and the mother-in-law come in to the pub. The man at the bar asks:
- Are you joking?

(I admit this is not funny. It is the direct translation of a Hungarian joke and not funny anymore in English)

The Top Ten

1 Mathematicians

The statistician never goes on flights, his friends ask him why.
- I am always afraid of bombs. I counted the chance of a bomb on the board while I am on the plane. It is pretty low, but you never know...
Two weeks later the friend meets him on an aeroplane.
- Hey! What made you change your mind?
- I didn't change my mind. However, I counted the chance of two bombs on the board while I am on the plane. It is satisfyingly low. So I just took a bomb with me. - Alkadikce

2 Doctor

-Congratulations, you can only thank your strong body that you recovered.
-Good to say, I was just about to pay you - Alkadikce

3 Computers

The artificial intelligence gets interrogated.
- You have to answer to two questions. 1. Will a man ever land on the Mars? 2. If so, is the first person to land on the Mars an American?
- Yes.
- What is yes?
- Yes, sir. - Alkadikce

4 Policeman

When you get a punishment for running the speed limit or parking at the wrong place you can't help thinking about policeman jokes! - Alkadikce

5 Musicians

The joke was originally told about Brahms. So Brahms listens to a bunch of friends playing his string quartet. No euphemisms, it was dreadful to listen to. The master gets asked by one of his friends:
- Did you like our performance? Was the tempo great?
- The tempos were great. Maybe yours was the best one. - Alkadikce

6 Szekler

In Hungary there are lots of jokes about Szeklers (the Hungarians who live in the middle of Romania) depicting them as peasants who think slowly and logically and talk very little - Alkadikce

7 Bear Bear Bears are mammals of the family Ursidae. Bears are classified as caniforms, or doglike carnivorans, with the pinnipeds being their closest living relatives.

The one that is stupid but thinks he isn't, has a deep voice and is sometimes aggressive and befriends with the wolf and the fox - Alkadikce

8 Death
9 Two cows
10 Vermont people

The farmers in Vermond - according to jokes - give true, relevant and proper replies to questions, but always the information the interrogater required is missing. - Alkadikce

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