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1 I'm obsessed with Splash Mountain

Hey, needed to have that one blatantly obvious fact...

But yes, I am a huge fan of Splash Mountain, and have loved it since the very first time I rode it. I love the music, characters, story, and most of all, the impressive theming throughout the ride that really pulls you into another world. - SplashMoun10

I never rode it. - Misfire

2 I have Asperger's syndrome

So do I - JCHOW

Oh hey, I do too. this is a nice site for people with asperger's - RecklessGreed

3 I'm a Christian

I believe in God, but I'm respectful of those who don't. - SplashMoun10

4 My favorite Disney character is Br'er Fox My favorite Disney character is Br'er Fox

Part of the reason I love Splash Mountain so much is because it introduced me to what are now three of my favorite characters, Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox, and Br'er Bear. I find them all very humorous and lovable, but my favorite of the trio would definitely have to be the crazy, cunning Br'er Fox. Though most people today only recognize him from Splash Mountain, I think the animated segments of Song of the South are where he really shines the most. It's sad to think that he'd be completely forgotten about without Splash Mountain because he's such a great character. - SplashMoun10

5 I'm a WDWMagic member I'm a WDWMagic member

Before I joined TheTopTens, I was a fairly well-liked poster on the WDWMagic forums named Kate F. It's a rather popular Walt Disney World website where people have engaging discussions about news and rumors surrounding Disney and Universal Studios. I used to spend a whole lot of time on it, and then TheTopTens came along... Yeah. Now this site takes up all my time, but I do plan to start posting on Magic again real soon. - SplashMoun10

6 I'm a huge theme park nerd

As proven by my WDWMagic posts and numerous theme park-related lists. - SplashMoun10

7 I'm a bowler

Yep, all throughout high school, I was a member of a bowling league and was even the captain my senior year. I once had a 289 game. - SplashMoun10

8 I love traveling
9 I'm a Gemini
10 I have Br'er Rabbit's whistle as my ringtone

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