Best Gen-18 Users of TheTopTens

This is a bit too early to rank these users, but overtime through the months I expect it to be more accurate towards the end of its run. These users have come in from July 2017-June 2018.

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Speaking from an honest perspective, I gotta say PeeledBanana is a pretty cool guy who's pretty consistent and passionate about the pop-culture content he contributes to this website. Out of all the Gen-18 users I've seen, this dude is the most active and chill from what I've seen so far. Every other Gen-18 user does have their own merits that make them good users in their own right, but I believe PeeledBanana's consistency earns my vote for him on this list.

By far the best, kind and gets stick for nothing

Great content and awesome user.

PeeledBanana deserves #1


He’s actually still alive and kicking. Unlike almost everyone here I guess

Undoubtedly the best user from Gen-18. He makes high quality content and he is a very passionate sports user. Out of all Gen-18 users, he’s still going strong while most other Gen-18 users retired or are inactive. Randomator is like the leading user of this gen.

He is the best currently active user from Gen-18 (I think Adam and Derrick are better overall but they are retired now). Excellent sports and Mario content and I love his Randomator Rants blog post series

One of this year's best.


Wow, I did not add myself, thanks to the one who did.
Hoo hoo

Oh, I just found out I was in the original list.


A bit late but arguably The best from Gen 18

A really nice user that has great music taste. 😊

Didn't expect to come so high.


He has got to be my favourite from Gen-18, such a smart guy with good points and was agreeable on almost everything

It's sad that he retired his account he will be missed

Wonderful user.

One of my favorite users in TTT history.


Nice profile picture.


Thank you whoever added me on here!

Top 3 greatest users


He should be higher. He's a good user.

One of Gen 18's best

He’s pretty cool. A good critic when it comes to sports

Oh yeah, GO PACKERS! (even though they kinda suck this year lol)


Yay! I'm here!

EDIT: 6th place? Woohoo! Thank you, guys!

The Contenders


Should be higher now

Best gen 18 user. He should be number 1

He shouldn't be number 8 he should be number one

How is he 38?! He’s the best user EVER


Other than the fact that she thinks a poorly animated Christmas special is worse than Where the Dead go to Die, she is a good user.


Well thank you well user I'm a science whiz who easily grasp on the fields of physics like quantum mechanics and relativity and I'll overcome darkness that has overshadowed my mind but light shall make darkness perish

Congrats on getting PositronWildhawk to make a list about you.

Awesome user

Smart guy!


I'm pretty high.

He's pretty noice


Would I count as one?

Good job 445956 you are very well- Kevinsidis

He’s actually a Gen-17 user, he joined in February of 2017

He’s probably the first Jewish user I’ve seen on this site. He’s great too!


Very intelligent and overall likeable, sad he had to retire


Thanks to whoever added me to the list! I genuinely appreciate it.


I hope I can get higher


Wow, 33rd. Thank you whoever added me! Edit: 9th place!? What am I doing here?

Now she's gone.

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