Top 10 "Puts the X in Y" Jokes that Can be Made About Certain People and Fictional Characters

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1 Thom Yorke puts the "lame" in difficult to blame for how depressed he often sounds in his songs
2 Pokemon's James puts the "fruit" in fruitcake
3 Courage the Cowardly Dog's Eustace Bagge puts the "chin" in reproaching

There are big chins, and then there are chins such as the one that Eustace has

4 Johnny Bravo's Johnny Bravo puts the "simp" in simpleton

Who does so more in your opinion?

Him or Gaston?

5 Toby Fox puts the "hack" in hacker
6 Mao Zedong puts the "dic" in dictator
7 Street Fighter's Dan Hibiki puts the "D'OH" in HA-D'OH-KEN
8 Street Fighter's Twelve puts the "twelve" in looking like a character whose creator was twelve years old
9 Earthbound's Porky Minch puts the "rump" in Donald Trump

In Mother 3, he takes doing so to the point where he basically has NO redeeming qualities

10 Doug's Mr. Dink puts the "fat" in his fat paycheck
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11 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’s Toadette puts the "turn" in turnip
12 Pokemon: The Animated Series's Meowth puts the "simp" in "a simple yet tragic backstory"
13 Street Fighter's G puts the "ham" in Abraham Lincoln
14 SpongeBob SquarePants's Spongebob puts the "wash" in washed-up
15 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's Bowser puts the "vore fetish" in vore fetishists
16 Mother 3's Fassad puts the "War" in Wario

He basically is a result of Wario, Eustace and Osama Bin Laden fusing themselves together

17 Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time's N. Tropy puts the "gross" in being grossly narcissistic
18 Conker's Bad Fur Day's Great Mighty Poo puts the "poop" in being a pompous piece of poop
19 The Last of Us: Part 2's Abby puts the "black" in being a white woman who pretends that she is black
20 Ardy Andrews (Submarine Man) puts the "feet" in music that stinks like dirty and sweaty feet

He just pulled up with his feet
Smelled that foot up out in Korea
Then he smelled her cousin's bare feet
Or her sister, he just smells feet
And his foot is killing stockings

21 Street Fighter's Necro puts the "white" in "where are the nearest white women at?"
22 Pokemon: The Animated Series's Meowth puts the "foot fetish" in foot fetishists
23 Ratchet & Clank's Dr. Nefarious puts the "wit" in twit
24 SpongeBob SquarePants's Spongebob puts the "brain fetish" in brain fetishists
25 Street Fighter's Dan Hibiki puts the "noob" in being an example of the type of Street Fighter character that noobs most-frequently play as
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