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61 Staci Abuse

Her great, great, great aunt Michelle invented abuse. She also abuses the other contestants with her ranting on and on. So she's one of the only ones deserving of this. - Turkeyasylum

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62 Total Drama At Gravity Falls
63 New Child
64 Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Reunion Special 2
65 Scott and Fang Have Sex
66 Noah x Izzy

No! Noah belongs with Emma, Izzy with Owen!

67 Anne Maria Abuse
68 Sugar Abuse
69 Sammy and Amy Have Another Sister
70 I Quadruple Dog Dare You!
71 Heather Got Served

No. No One Coarse Meal. - Garythesnail

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72 Winner Gets The Million Dollars Officially (Meaning Nothing Bad Happens To The Case)
73 Total Drama In Real Life
74 Total Drama/Pretty Little Liars Crossover

I added this thinking it was a good idea. After watching memes, I realised it made no sense at all and that I mostly won't happen - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

This would suck.

75 Gwen Gets Electrocuted
76 Zoey and the Cyanide V 1 Comment
77 Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race

14 from the Original
8 from Revenge of the Island
8 from Pahkitew
Teams of 2-5 Race around the globe for 10,000,000
What could possibly go wrong?

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78 Total Drama: Different Way

If it was a different way, I would have had Ezekiel win TDI, Duncan win TDA, Alejandro win TDWT, Mike win TDROI, Rodney win TDPI, Zoey win all stars, and The Ice Skaters win TDRR.

79 A Pal For Heather

Heather does have a pal, it's Alejandro.

80 Duncan Loves Courtney

They belong together forever.

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