Top Ten Interesting Facts About TheTopTens User CrimsonShark

Yeah, I am human, so I'm bound to have noticeable and interesting tropes and conventions. So, let's see what's intriguing about me, at least in your perception.
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1 I'm Autistic

Eh, I guess everyone whom I get along with knows this one. Then again...

2 I'm Muslim

I'm not very vocal about my religion, but there you go. I respect everyone's belief and I go along with mine without really hammering on about it to everyone. I prefer to keep my religion to myself for the most part. Even then, I follow Muslim teachings stoutly and I don't really see much of a problem in it.

Me too, I'm also not very vocal about it and I don't follow it very strictly.

3 I'm an Academic Pessimist

Short Story: I have an uneasy past in terms of my education. I'll save the story up for a post.

For me it depends, but I can relate too.

In a way many of us are.

4 I'm a Political Pessimist

Same as education. I cared about politics before Donald Trump became a large topic, so I guess that's new. I don't talk about politics often because both left and right are heavily flawed (Though I'm more favorable on the left). Like with Academics, it'll be explained more on a post.

I don't talk about politics much.

5 I Consider Myself a Media Whiz

I'm kind of like that. Not really.

Movies, Anime, Games, T.V. Shows, Music, some Literature and Comic Books, yeah that's a large area to cover up :).

I'm a monster in terms of that.

With you on that

6 I'm an Aspiring Novelist

I used to write FanFiction during my Tween-Teen years. I'm currently in the process of writing an original literature material.

I've honestly never been much of a book person, I'm more of a comic person. But this looks cool.

7 I've Been Members at Different Forums

I've been a member at a few forums since I was 11. I recall the point where I only joined just to download mods for Zoo Tycoon 2. Though I was not the best behaved during those times. Maybe that contributes to why I'm normally considered mature in this site.

#11: He is a good user

8 "CrimsonShark" is Actually My Third Account

I had two accounts: "hussaintalib" and "SuperNova22". And considering my earliest account was as early as 2015, I'm actually supposed to be a Gen-15 or Gen-16 user. However, I'm more content to be considered Gen-17 as this was when I started to gain a noticeable mark.

9 I'm a Quick Learner

I have a habit of getting into things late, but if something interests me, knowledge becomes real quick to net. I learn a lot in a short time span, but I'm not too judgmental to start considering myself experienced or a nerd too quickly.

Same here. If something interests me, I want to learn more about it and I retain the knowledge pretty well.

I think I'm quick but it depends, I'm quicker at art related things

10 I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with London

As a London native, I know about the city rather well. I love the accessibility, history, culture and overall opportunity this city offers. However, the education here is not good, the weather is terrible and a majority of the teens in London can be either a nuisance or painful to deal with. Not to mention as being someone having come from an immigrant family, I hardly have any extended relatives, so I have to rely either on my parents, brothers and myself all the time.

I'm also from an Immigrant family, I'm from Australia but I was born in Morocco.

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