Top 10 Interesting Obsessions that Certain TopTenners Happen to Have


The Top Ten

1 Luigism - Danteem
2 Making fictional characters sneak inside each other's brains for blatantly, disgustingly fetishistic purposes - Xandermartin98
3 Hating Kingdom Hearts and Lion King like nothing else - DisneyHater1994

I'm not DisneyHater1994. Just an anonymous here. And people have the right to their opinions, so stop criticizing just because he or she hates your precious TLK or whatnot.

4 Idolizing Sunny Leone - Danteem
5 Hating David Bowie as well as a wide variety of musical artists that are also actually really good - Vissitéur
6 Wario - DCfnaf Wario - DCfnaf Wario is a character in Nintendo's Mario series who was originally designed as an antagonist to Mario. His motives are driven by greed and he will take the side of whoever will give him the most pay. Although he may seem like just a mean man with no heart, he does have a very tragic past.
7 Constantly changing his profile image - Htoutlaws2012
8 Hating Nintendo and having the edgiest username on the planet while doing so - MorbidCannibalSlayer
9 Kirby (game series) - Garythesnail
10 Gratuitously bloody and violent video games - BobbyTheBrony

The Contenders

11 Big Bang Theory - PositronWildhawk

It's a good show. - Cyri

12 Anime - Egnomac
13 Castlevania - CastlevaniaFanboy128
14 Alphys from Undertale - xandermartin98
15 Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy - xandermartin98
16 Anime - ModernSpongebobSucks
17 Foot Fetishism - xandermartin98
18 List Padding - xandermartin98
19 Hating Nintendo for stupid and one-dimensional reasons - SelfDestruct
20 Eric Cartman's Butt - TurkeyAsylum
21 Miraculous Ladybug - ChatNoirFan18
22 Nintendo - Nintendofan126
23 Hating Danny Phantom - ChatNoirFan18
24 Anime - SelfDestruct
25 Liv and Maddie - Disney1994
26 Fox and the Hound - Disney1994
27 Rosalina - DCfnaf
28 Halsey - lovefrombadlands
29 Gothic Fashion and Medieval Aesthetics - TwilightKitsune
30 Edgy rock music - CaptainMowzker
31 Wings of Fire - Cyri

It was while reading these books that I found my writer's voice... - Cyri

32 DuckTales - iliekpiez
33 Progressive Rock - isaaonrtdmtr
34 Song lyrics - mistyglow

I’ve always loved song lyrics, especially to my favorite alternative songs. Whether it’s really deep lyrics, or ones I have no idea why I like, song lyrics are some of my favorite things. I write my own sometimes, but they never actually make sense. Anyways, some of my favorite lyrics are “When everyone you thought you knew deserts your fight, I’ll go with you” from My Blood by Twenty One Pilots, “So if and when we go above, a question still remains. Are we still in love and is it possible we feel the same? ” from Morph by Twenty One Pilots, “I’ve done some things that I can’t speak, and I’ve tried to wash you away, but you just won’t leave! ” from Haunting by Halsey, and so many more! - mistyglow

35 Devil May Cry - DarkBoi-X

I on;y played Devil May Cry 5(Can't wait till the full version comes out in march) but I have seen tons of gameplay from the previous games and they all seem cool.Except for that god awful reboot that most people also hate. - DarkBoi-X

36 Rocko's Modern Life - XanderMartin98
37 Harvey Beaks - kcianciulli
38 Sports - Randomator

Indeed I like sports as you could probably guess by looking at my content. I like a lot of sports from NCAA basketball to MLB to NFL - Randomator

39 Iggy Azalea - IggyJepsen
40 Lady GaGa - Izalien
41 Luigi - Danteem
42 Anita Page - TopTenTed
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