Best K-pop Albums of 2013

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1 Xoxo - Exo

In MAMA era I use to LIKE Exo, but after XOXO, I LOVE EXO! This is the best k-pop album in last 3 years, for me! Beside great singles Growl and Wolf; Hear Attack, Black Pearl, Baby, Don't Cry, Don't Go, Peter Pan... Just incredible. There's a lot of Disney themes in the songs. I love EXO and I will support their work and albums as long as they're making this good music! EXO FIGHTING! - KpopAllOverTheWorld

2 Coup D'etat - G-Dragon
3 Break Down - Super Junior-M

Smooth, sometimes heart breaking. "Go" is maybe their best song so far. - KpopAllOverTheWorld

4 Chapter 1. Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You - Shinee

Oh, video for Dream Girl is this years the most creative one. "Aside" and "Beautiful" are great songs, as well! - KpopAllOverTheWorld

5 I Got a Boy - Girls' Generation

Actually, I like the concept of the album. It's so cool that after long, long time some k-pop star put '70-'80 in songs, clothing, hairstyle and, overall, in album. Dancing Queen is so cool song, It makes me wanna chill in some retro cafe, while drinking milkshake! - KpopAllOverTheWorld

6 Chapter 2. Why So Serious? - The Misconceptions of Me - Shinee
7 Secret Garden (EP) - A Pink

NoNoNo so addicting! That is my summer song. I like Lonely Day, too. - KpopAllOverTheWorld

8 Pink Tape - f(x)

I'm a bit disappointed at this album, especially in Rum Pum Pum Pum. But, I cried when I heard Airplane, don't know even why? It's just so great, Shadow as well. I'm sad because SM decided to make RP their first and ONLY single on album. - KpopAllOverTheWorld

9 Modern Times - IU

IU is not my taste of music, but, according about what I read and sales, charts, certifications, she did an massive, great album, so that's the reason why I put it in Top 10. - KpopAllOverTheWorld

IU has a beautiful voice and it was refreshing to hear this genre since many of the bands now dwell in the Electronic and Techno one.

10 Everybody - Shinee

I-LOVE-EVERYBODY. But, other songs are just... I don't know, I don't feel that old Shinee vibe. - KpopAllOverTheWorld

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1. Xoxo - Exo
2. Coup D'etat - G-Dragon
3. Break Down - Super Junior-M



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