Best K-pop Rookie Girl Groups of 2012


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They've had an awesome string of songs. I really love their sound, Their recent song confused has just been on replay for me :D

Sexy girl group, and have one of the best composers and rappers in K-pop history, Jimin. - Necromancer

2 Fiestar

They're good at dancing, each of them. Everyone can sing, all of them have great singing voices. Also, all of them have each of their own unique personalities like their senior labelmate, IU. They have great songs, which suits to them. Probably the best rookie girl group of 2012. - Necromancer

3 Hello Venus Hello Venus Hello Venus is a South Korean girl group formed by Tricell Media, a joint venture between Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio, in 2012. It was announced in July 2014 that the two companies had ended their partnership, with the remaining members continuing under Fantagio.

Cute, bubbly, and good at singing. Have addictive songs. - Necromancer

5 EvoL
6 Tiny-G

They haven't boosted their popularity since 2013, Minimanimo. But they're absolutely great at dancing. - Necromancer

7 She'z
8 Skarf
9 Spica
10 Tahiti
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