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Loser - Bigbang Loser - Bigbang Cover Art

Made me cry when I heard it for the first time. Brilliant song.

Should be voted!

All members of this band are great, I like GD, "Loser" song is one of the best Korean song of 2015 - peyman_eun

"Loser" proves that BigBang still the Kings! Made is purely genius and this is should be number 1! #ProundVIP

It's Okay - Btob It's Okay - Btob Cover Art

The best vocals. they are so talented and underrated

Yes This band is new but this song is very very attractive. - peyman_eun

Ohhh mannn this group is amazinngg and they are the best group in the world they live performances are perfect. İ think any kpop groups can't sing this song live. They are vary succseccsfull. They are the real artists in kpop who does art. İts okay has the most amazing lyrics.and the song is very powerful. And btob is the bravest kpop group I have ever seen because they cameback with a ballad songg. Actually this song is a masterpiece. But people doesn't apologıse this. The best song. The bast group. The bast dance. The most different concept. Everyone aren't you bored with the playboy songs. İf it is yes go and check btob.

Ooh-Ahh - Twice

This band is new but their song (Ooh-Ahh) is really amazing! - peyman_eun

This girl group is very amazing. I like their first song. My favorite member is Nayeon and Momo.

Bang Bang Bang - Bigbang Bang Bang Bang - Bigbang Cover Art

Bang Bang Bang is a masterpiece of BigBang! This song wins Best Song of the Year in MAMA 2015 and wins other nominated too! This is should be higher!

All of their song is epic. And I think its sound like Fantastic Baby with better version

Hope there is a next generation of BigBang. 10years and they're never change. Legend

It should next to Loser, not 4. All of BigBang songs is should be here.

The Shower - Iu The Shower - Iu Cover Art

Best Ballad song of 2015! - peyman_eun

I love this song, I'm Uaena and I think IU is next kpop's queen of future! - peyman_eun

Cold Rain - 4minute Cold Rain - 4minute Cover Art

This band has very good songs, This song is best song of this band in 2015, from old songs of 4minute band I love "volume up" song. - peyman_eun

Ah Yeah - Exid Ah Yeah - Exid Cover Art

This song is my favorite of all of theirs. - YOUnique253

I love this song. This is my favorite song of EXID. I also like Every Night and Hot Pink.

Exid is amazing - YOUnique253

Best song of Exid band ever, better than famous up-down song, one of best kpop song of 2015 - peyman_eun

Boys and Girls - Zico Boys and Girls - Zico Cover Art

A attractive hip hop/rap song. - peyman_eun

I Need U - BTS I Need U - BTS Cover Art

This is the song that got BTS started we should be thankful it's even here because look where BTS is now the top of the list they are the best K-POP alive I'm not lying you can search it up BTS tops the list with their most recent songs Boy With love they have made a record once again now BTS is the best!

This is my favorite song by BTS. It has such a sad rhythm, yet, BTS can make it sound so catchy and get it stuck in my head for weeks. The rapping parts are so incredible and the singing parts are so sentimental. The dance choreography for this song is probably one of their best, in my opinion. It's just another masterpiece made by such an amazing boy band. Bangtan, fighting!

I Need U should be higher on this list, BTS had their first win with I Need U!

They are best too!

I - Taeyeon I - Taeyeon Cover Art

This is one of the best songs that I've listened. Taeyeon is my favorite member of SNSD. I also like Tiffany.

Such a beautigul song being sang by a beautiful being deserves a higher rank.

I love this song, Taeyeon has gorgeous voice, her MV was so beautiful too. - peyman_eun

The Contenders

Call Me Baby - Exo Call Me Baby - Exo Cover Art

Best song of EXO band in 2015 - peyman_eun

I Like this band - peyman_eun

love it

Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet Cover Art

This list just goes on to prove that majority of people have bad taste in music. Ice Cream Cake is by far the best ever, I don't care about others, this is a classic, nothing could be better than this.

Greatest song of Red Velvet band ever! even better than Happiness song! - peyman_eun

I love Red Velvet. I love all their songs because it was really amazing and its nice to hear.

Better than anything Twice or BTS has performed. Ice cream cake was a bop.

View - Shinee View - Shinee Cover Art

I love this song. Their songs is very amazing and their dances are very hard.

SHINee's 'View' was a fantastic summer release which still continues to never get old, even though it's been months after it's release.
SHINee, as one of SM's more experimental groups along with f(x), brought a new genre of music to the Korean Pop industry - 'deep house'. Despite never having done this style of music before, SHINee pulled of this fresh new concept and style flawlessly. With Jonghyun's very own lyrics, SHINee's distinct vocal colour and trademark vocal harmonies, as well as their ability to pretty much pull off any choreography and concept, 'View' is undoubtedly one of the best releases of 2015.
This song just has the ability to instantly put you in a brighter mood which just makes this song that much more enjoyable and replayable.
It was my 2015 summer jam and will continue to be for years to come no doubt!

Lion Heart - Girls Generation Lion Heart - Girls Generation Cover Art

Um, did everyone forgot about this song or something? This song is seriously fabulous! Love it with all my heart!

Only You - Miss A Only You - Miss A Cover Art

I love this song and this song has a beautiful music video.A very lovely girl band because of suzy! - peyman_eun

I love miss a

One Fine Day - Jung Yong Hwa One Fine Day - Jung Yong Hwa Cover Art
Just Right - Got7 Just Right - Got7 Cover Art

This song is so pure they deserve more attention

Thinking About You - Younha

Beautiful & lovely song - peyman_eun

Her voice is so good - peyman_eun

Dope - BTS (Bangtan Boys)

Anyone would groove to this!

DÉJÀ-Boo - Jonghyun

Jonghyun AND Zion T. Like together?!? From the very beginning this song was headed for perfection. Really starting of the year with this song made everything better^^

Twenty Three - Iu Twenty Three - Iu Cover Art

Soompi title:
IU Achieves an All-Kill on Music Charts with "Twenty-Three"
This song was number 1 in 7 lists! for 2 week. A very good dance music. - peyman_eun

Bad Girl - Kris Bad Girl - Kris Cover Art

So good comeback! I like this song - peyman_eun

Chained Up - Vixx Chained Up - Vixx Cover Art

No doubt that is a good boy-band, I love "Error" song of this band, This song is good too - peyman_eun

Are You Happy - B1a4 Are You Happy - B1a4 Cover Art

A excellent song! both rap and pop is lovely in this song, B1A4 has very good vocals. - peyman_eun

Remember - Apink Remember - Apink Cover Art

So good song from Apink girl-band in 2015 - peyman_eun

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