Top Ten Most Terrifying Stalking Incidents in the K-Pop Industry

K-pop is a music genre that originated from Korea. It has recently surged in mainstream popularity and continues to grow today. Fans of K-pop are often referred to as "stans".

However, some fans take their obsession to the next level. They attempt to stalk their favorite idols, dedicating their lives to gathering private personal information in an effort to catch the idol's attention both online and in real life. This can put extreme pressure on the idols. These types of fans are called "Sasaengs".
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1 Taecyeon (Blood Letter)

Probably the most terrifying out of all stalking incidents. Taecyeon from 2PM received a fan letter containing blood, with the message "I dedicate to Taecyeon my period blood letter, you can't live without me." What's worse, traces of pubic hair were sprinkled around the letter. The other fans didn't believe it until the sasaeng posted another photo and admitted she wrote this from her pad, leaving other fans revolted. The sasaeng quickly apologized, but fans continued to lash out at her for her actions.

2 EXO (Kidnapping)

EXO has a lengthy history of being stalked by sasaengs, and this incident was no exception. Several years ago, sasaengs rented a van that looked almost exactly like EXO's and parked it at the usual location where the band would normally be waiting. The band was almost deceived, but fortunately, the manager noticed something out of the ordinary before the fans could succeed with their tactic.

3 BTS (Grabbed)

When BTS arrived in Indonesia, a group of sasaengs noticed the band, rushed at them, and invaded their personal space to the point of attempting to grab their belongings. During this incident, Jungkook was especially targeted by the sasaengs.

4 EXO (Secret Recordings)

During an overseas trip, EXO stayed at a hotel where sasaengs broke into their room and placed secret cameras that recorded part of their private lives. Fortunately, one of the members spotted the cameras soon after and quickly alerted the manager.

5 Yunho (Poisoned)

Back in 2006, Yunho, who was part of the TVXQ band, was given orange juice mixed with glue by an anti-fan, causing him to vomit blood. This incident led him to develop a trauma over orange juice afterwards.

Even if you don't like an artist, poisoning them is dastardly.

6 G-Dragon (Camped)

Sasaengs managed to find the location of G-Dragon's house, and a multitude of them camped outside his property to the point that he didn't want to leave the house. G-Dragon then posted a tweet asking them to stop. It was not the best day for him and his family.

7 BTS (Chased)

When the BTS band was in Sweden, they stopped at a cafe to relax and eat. While they were there, sasaeng fans gradually gathered outside, making the band uncomfortable. The cameramen took action and asked them to move. However, when the band finally walked outside, the sasaengs rabidly chased after them. They were clearly not satisfied with the outcome of the incident.

8 Kim Heechul (Car Accident)

One day when Kim Heechul was driving, he was met by a group of sasaeng fans driving alongside him. Kim Heechul attempted to evade the fans by taking various routes. Unfortunately, this resulted in a car accident that broke his leg.

9 Choi Siwon (Hacked)

Back in 2012, fans managed to break into and gain control of Choi Siwon's Twitter account. Siwon regained access and warned the fan not to do it again, but he was hacked again. Fans knew about the hack and constantly pleaded with the sasaeng not to invade his privacy.

10 Wanna One (Trespassing)

When Wanna One was filming an episode of Weekly Idol, a large number of sasaengs barged into and crowded the building. The crowd quickly grew to fill the lobby and even the sidewalks. Some fans also stayed in the cafes but didn't order anything.

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11 Nayeon (Death Threat)
12 Nancy McDonie (Hidden Camera)
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